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Plain Vanilla

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Nestled within the artistic streets of Tiong Bahru is a cosy welcoming of a cafe lined with retro Tiffany-blue bicycles that will charm you right into a scene of quaint curiosity. Don’t let this establishment’s name fool you; there’s nothing plain about Plain Vanilla Bakery. 

Designed for comfort and the sweet invite of closure, Plain Vanilla’s flagship store on Yong Siak Street beckons passersby with warm lights and a huge communal table made for the sharing. Find yourself a corner and embrace the pleasing atmosphere of the space before exploring the treats placed around the shop, beckoning you with the promise of freshness and wonder. Cupcakes are the star of Plain Vanilla; Strawberry White Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Chocolate Stout, Earl Grey Lavender… the list of flavors go on. Because Plain Vanilla bakes with the best quality ingredients, such as French butter, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, and Pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, any cupcake you aspire to eat will ooze indulgence.

Some might stop at a plate of mini cupcakes, but Plain Vanilla also serves an incredible array of cakes and tarts. The Salted Caramel Chocolate tart is rich with the mix of sweet and salty, all brought together with the added crunch of a buttery base. Plain Vanilla’s Chocolate Truffle layer cake has had customers singing praises, and the Flourless Chocolate cake is just the right amount of lightness in a beautifully baked creation. There’s also a selection of petite and adorable teacakes that range from Sour Berry Drizzle Butter, to Butterscotch Banana. 

Plain Vanilla is currently situated in three locations: the Tiong Bahru Flagship store at 1D Yong Siak Street, an equally cosy space at Cluny Court along Bukit Timah Road, and a small space within In Good Company Concept Store in ION Orchard. You can also order some Plain Vanilla baked desserts at Eat Cake Today.

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Great looking cake although some of the flowers fell out of place (easily fixed). The cake was not too sweet which was just right for us.


Loved it. Just wished it had a little more frosting.


The cake is yummy. I ordered this cake because my mum has been eat before at outside however it is hard to find again. She very surprised the taste is same as previously that she eat. It not so sweet, and the pumpkin seeds and coconuts very match with the cake. My whole family very love it. Thanks you so much.

Awesome buttery cake

The whole family loved this. Definite repeat order.

lovely cake appearance but the taste may not meet your expectations

To be honest, the cake did looks good. But the taste was quite of expectation, especially we couldn’t really taste the salted caramel. And the popcorn is just garnishment and not adding any taste or should say, we didn’t taste any popcorn flavour at all. The popcorn which acts as garnishment is quite useless as it was soggy.

Good website, nice and variety of cake flavour options. But I won’t buy again because of the cake didn’t impress me. Thanks for your service.