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Ciel Patisserie

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Many success stories begin with those who dare to wander. Chara Lum did exactly that when she took a gap year in 2009 to just revel in the surroundings of Australia, slowly honing in on her ability to whisk creative wonders for friends to enjoy. The sheer pleasure of serving others caused her to embark on a mission to build a career in culinary arts, starting with an education at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Upon achieving her goal to master the art of pastry making, Ciel Patisserie was born in hopes of sharing her passion with the rest of Singapore.

Ciel Patisserie is a modest establishment that serves satisfyingly charming pastries and cakes produced with French and European techniques, all of which are made exceptional with quality ingredients. Ciel’s Strawberry Shortcake is a no-fuss serving of soft sponge cake decked with lightly sweetened whipped cream and juicy fresh strawberries, and the Opera cake is a slice of heaven, combining the aromatic flavors of French style Joconde sponge cake layered with dark chocolate ganache and rich chocolate buttercream, eloquently accentuated with a chocolate glaze. This pattern of both simple and extravagant seems to highlight a consistent pattern of options, with a little something for everyone. While Scarlet is an elevated non-bake cheesecake, made with cream cheese mousse with a hint of lemon and a hidden section of red fruit gelee atop a crumbly Digestive biscuit base, Bombe is a rich chocolate mousse dome cake bursting with a treasure trove of fresh blueberries and a crispy hazelnut feulletine base. Then there’s the good ol’ fudgy Brownie with a folding of crunchy nuts, as well as Sel, an elegant, sweet and salty juxtaposition of dark chocolate ganache slice atop a sea-salted buttery shortbread base. If chocolate isn’t your thing, Fraiche, a fresh fruit tart filled with vanilla pastry cream and fresh fruits on a buttery crust, will win your heart with the sheer richness of natural flavors. There’s also Peche, a sweet peach tart with vanilla pastry cream and juicy glazed peach slices.

Ciel Patisserie can be found in two locations: 124 Hougang Ave 1, #01-1444 Singapore 530124, or their newly launched Bukit Merah branch at 146 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-1090, Singapore 160146.

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Superb Extra Kaw Musang King Durian flesh!

I got this musang king cake as present, as they know I am definitely durian lover but I am not a fan of durian cake as I dont think anything is better than fresh durian. However, this cake was really changing my mind which it matched the best among durian flesh and the chiffon cake ! It contains moisturize soft chiffon with really extra kaw durian flesh and I can really smell the musang king, haha!
This cake really gives me highest temptation to order although it is not cheap. Glad to have this cake on my MCO birthday.


Very tasty durian crepe cake.

Mango & Passion Mille Crepe Cake 8"

Lovely cake, very refreshing and not too sweet.

Elegant Rosette Cake
mohd fadzli mohd arif
terbaik dan kek sedap

pasti repeat order terbaik


Great & beautiful packaging. My girl love it so much ! Fast delivery as well. And the taste is good !!! Would definitely repeat order for this one