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Patisserie Glace

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Since 2008, Singaporeans have been enjoying a taste of Japan right in the heart of their humble home. Patisserie Glace, helmed by Chef Tomoko, is a reputable bakery that prides itself in concocting quality products with the freshest ingredients and their customers satisfaction embedded strong in its philosophy. With an extensive menu and a colourful myriad of tastes to boast, Patisserie Glace establishes its success through understanding the local desire for Japanese desserts, expanding to kiosks all around Singapore. 

At Patisserie Glace, you’ll find the likes of cottony soft Japanese souffles, vegan-friendly tofu tarts, and its signature creamy RinRin ice cheese tarts with buttery cookie shells. These insatiable tarts include flavors such as original, caramel, mango, chocolate, among many others that are equally irresistible. Crowd favorites include the Strawberry Shortcake, fresh with just the right amount of Japanese cheesecake and cream, the Green Tea Tiramisu, delicately fragrant with imported green tea, and Maison, a perfectly balanced combination of chocolate, coffee, green tea, and vanilla infused sponge layers with fresh cream. 


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Sweet Cake

This cake is for those with sweet tooth. Overall, cake was okay.


Cake was yummy & creamy!

Definitely for Matcha lovers

The cake was moist with an authentic taste of matcha. The overwhelming red beans filling went perfect with the green tea cake.

Soft & Fluffy!

The cake was soft and fluffy with a natural fruity smell & taste. The cempedek fillings blend nicely into the sponge cake.


Ordered based customer reviews.... Should not have listened to them