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Shiberty Bakes

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Shiberty Bakes, a well-known Singaporean café nestled in a HDB estate on Owen Road, is the brainchild of renowned food blogger, Jessica Loh. From blogging about her baking journey, to gaining a huge following of dessert lovers, Jessica manifested her love for sweet things into a charming establishment that serves both as an Instagram-worthy visit, and a decadent dessert destination.

Designed with restrain, Shiberty Bakes boasts an understanding of stark, white walls, alongside a display of quirky, handwritten quotes – all charmingly displayed for that picture perfect social media post. The counter hosts a spread of daily specials and mini treats, such as crisp and colorful macarons, muffins that will give you that morning boost, to cupcakes that will brighten up that mundane office Monday. Hoards of fans flock to Shiberty Bakes for the thick dessert toasts, a myriad of delicious toppings such as ice-cream scoops, wafers, marshmallows, and sauces parading on a soft and airy cloud of toast. 

Shiberty Bakes also serves a mean plate of waffles, but it’s the cakes that keep the customers coming back. The Ferrero Rocher cake is a moist dark chocolate cake sandwiched and coated with Nutella Swiss meringue buttercream that’s to-die-for, while the Matcha Black Sesame cake bursts with a gorgeous balance of taste and style. The Honey Citrus cake combines the richness of honey with the light crumble of moist sponge cake covered in a zesty Swiss meringue buttercream infused with citrus juices, and the Blueberry Blackcurrant Sponge is a fresh and vibrant blueberry cream sensation that hits all the right spots.

Shiberty Bakes is located at 46 Owen Road, #01-277, Singapore.

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