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Food Foundry

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For the past few years, little cafes hidden in unsuspecting neighborhoods have been mushrooming around Klang Valley like a contagiously delicious trend. One of the pioneers of this delicious local movement is Food Foundry, a popular eatery located along a row of timeworn shoplots in Happy Mansion.

Curiously modest, yet charming to the core, Food Foundry frolics in the delight of the neighborhood vibes, offering hearty favorites like crunchy chicken chop with mashed potatoes, pan fried seabass with lemon cream sauce, and a lasagna fit for a king with a hefty appetite! But before they were known for their affordable meals and understated style, Food Foundry accrued a huge following of cake lovers thanks to their signature layered cake, back when most of us were still Googling the proper pronounciation of the words “mille crepe.”

Heaped with the lightness of delicately made, paper-thin crepes and the sweet fix of pastry cream, mille crepe is a no-baked layered cake that is both complex and simple. While patience is virtue when it comes to making a mille crepe cake, Food Foundry takes it up a notch by pampering us with flavor options, from basic vanilla, to almond salted caramel, to a favorite amongst the locals, durian. Fruits get the most stage presence with Food Foundry mille crepe cakes; the mango mille crepe cake exudes freshness, while the blueberry and strawberry options are both sweet treats with just the right amount of tang. Each mille crepe cake choice listed in Food Foundry’s menu is as light a delight as the others, and each packs as much flavor as the rest.

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