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Root Cellar KL

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Serving sumptuous treats to the masses is a daily feat that Basira Yeusuff thrives on. Founder of Yay, Sammich! and the now defunct Crumbs Café and Fancy Breakfast Club, Root Cellar KL is Basira’s latest endeavor, and the name is fast making its way around KL and PJ, enthusing the delight of local gourmet cake lovers.

As one of the rare bake shops that do bundt cakes, and do them well, Root Cellar KL churns out bundt cakes in mouthwatering flavors. Their Earl Grey Milk Tea bundt cake, for instance, is a dense and richly addictive delight that is soaked in milk tea and covered in a generous frosting of cream cheese and tea leaves. The Limau Nipis bundt cake is a zesty lime cake that packs a punch with lime cream cheese frosting. There’s also the Kopi Kampung Latte bundt cake with a Malaysian twist on a basic coffee cake. And if you’re a fan of small packages, you’ll find their butter baby bundt cakes too irresistible too bite into!

Of course, bundt cakes aren’t the only things to come out of the Root Cellar KL's kitchen. Two other highly recommended creations are their salted caramel brownie and amazing pecan pie.

These sinfully tempting cake photographs were sourced from:
yay, cake!

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