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Cake Tella

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Looking for an extra dash of vice in your sinful slice? Then you’ve got to check out the Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse cake by Cake Tella aka Caketella. Smooth and sumptous mousse laced with the succint presence of Baileys liquor and topped with glazed, caramelized hazelnuts, this cake made us immediate fans of the brand Cake Tella.

One of the younger home bakers in the local market, Eddie Tan, 26 years old founder and baker of Cake Tella may lack in age, but finds advantage with the talented hands of an experienced professional. Though untrained in baking, Eddie’s unwavering desire to master cakes caused a consistent rise in fanbase, and his persistence to succeed has brought him to the likes of Espressolab, and Kaffa Espresso Bar, and of course, Rekindle.

Aside from the incredibly suave Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse cake and the other alcohol-infused creations worth trying, like the Whisky Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse, Cake Tella also serves non-alcoholic, delicately stacked mille crepe cakes. Such is the Nutella Mille Crepe, with its decadent Nutella frosting sandwiched in effortlessly thin layers, and the Green Tea Mille Crepe, a must-order for green tea aficionados.

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Cake is nice and delicious but the greeting card writing is so ugly...see alreadyvcan vomit

Pretty good!

Wholesome durian in crepe textured layers

Wonderful Cake

This is a really scrumptious cake.I ordered it for my daughter’s birthday and my grandchildren said it was one of the most delicious cakes they have had.