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Top 6 Chocolate Cakes To Kick Off The New Year!

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Bid the year 2020 farewell and welcome the new year of 2021 with open arms~ The personal new year’s party decorations have been set and resolutions have been made, be it a continuation of the past year’s goals or a completely new one. But you can’t help but feel as though this party is missing something. Something important… Oh, right! The cake! 

Forgot about the cake? Don’t worry about that! Call mommy, call daddy, don’t forget about the wife and kids too, because we have a special list of 6 of the best chocolate cakes to kick off the new year! Make a choice as a family and hold your very own New Year’s party~

Just sit back, relax and let us handle the cake choosing for you with our carefully handpicked cakes that will fit the occasion!


  • 10000% Hazelnut Chocolate Cake 6"
  • This chocolate cake right here brings the fun to any occasion and amps it up by 10000%! The perfect way to start 2021 with a fiery explosion of merry excitment~ 

    Making itself at home atop a munchy hazelnut cracker base, this dark, velvety rich Belgium chocolate cake is topped with a crown of chocolate dollops and sprinkled with some rose petals for an elegant finish~ 

  • Cherry Chocolate Mousse Cake
  • We all know of the classic cherry on top of a cake but have you ever heard of cherries being in between the layers of chocolate cake? Now you won’t have to worry about the cherry sliding off~

    This unique take on dark chocolate sponge cakes is layered with a melty chocolate mousse, which is topped by a spread of sweet and sour cherry jelly. Let the cake melt in your mouth with a hint of a refreshing aftertaste~ 

  • Dark Chocolate Cake 7"
  • What if your family is filled with pure dark chocolate lovers? Regular chocolate cakes won’t be enough! Everyone’s just craving for the deep chocolatey taste! That’s where this cake comes in~ 

    Every part of this cake is made from dark chocolate! Dark chocolate cream engulfs the cake, leaving an extra layer of velvetiness to every bite. Topped off with more dark chocolate in the form of fancy curls~ Talk about a jackpot for dark chocolate fans!

  • White Chocolate Lotus Biscoff Drip Cake
  • Sometimes when decision-making gets a bit rough, there’s no shame in opting for a more viral solution. Just like this white chocolate cake married with the irresistible munch of Biscoff!

    Just imagine biting into layers of white chocolate cake, layered with Biscoff cookies which are slathered neatly with a healthy coat of Crunchy Biscoff Spread and Biscoff Mousse~ There’s a reason why this beauty went viral!

  • PBJ Chocolate Cake
  • Who could resist the classic combination of peanut butter and jelly? It’s a wholesome combo fit for anyone at any age, especially the children! Start 2021 with a chocolate cake hit of nostalgia~ 

    Layers of chocolate cake slathered with peanut butter spread and blackcurrant jam, frosted with dollops of chocolate frosting and sprinkled with peanut nibs. You can already taste the tarty-sweetness of this moist and deep chocolate cake~

  • Banoffee Chocolate Cake 8"
  • We’re ending this list with a chocolate cake that will simply knock your socks off! Just be sure to wear some before trying it out! We need the socks for the extra effect~

    Chocolate, bananas, toffee, and coffee, all in one cake! Talk about a power combo of flavours that just complement each other perfectly~ Just be sure to save some for the rest of the family when you dig into this moist chocolate cake with fresh bananas and toffee chantilly cream coated with coffee toffee buttercream~

    At the end of the day, family always makes any occasion a memorable one, especially something as magical as the New Year. Huddle together and celebrate by bonding to tighten your relationship with the ones you love~ And let our top chocolate cake picks accompany your sweet memories!

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