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You Won’t Believe Perfect Cheesecakes Exist Until Now!

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Perfect things are near impossible to come by. There always seems to be a flaw in an otherwise masterfully crafted thing, be it food or your favourite dramas. Of course, cakes fall in this category as well! 

Just imagine this; you’re out and about on the hunt for a cheesecake that will send your senses flying to flavour heaven and back~ But your search ends in disappointment because you didn’t quite find the perfect cheesecake to suit your needy palate. 

Don’t you worry about that! Because we’ve compiled a hefty list of 8 cheesecakes that are perfect for even the pickiest of cheesecake lovers! So sit back and hang tight because these scrumptious darlings are sure to blow you away~


  • Naughty and Nice Chocolate Cheesecake 7"
  • Starting the list with something to test your naughty dessert side! We won’t blame anyone for giving in to their cheesecake cravings? Who could resist the devilish decadence of a chocolate cheesecake, layered with heavenly premium couverture chocolate mousse? If we were in your boots, we’d fight over the last piece (and exchange apologies afterwards, of course)!

  • Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake 7"
  • If you have a hunger for cheesecake as big as a dinosaur (or maybe you just like more Milo on top of your Milo), then this cheesecake is meant for you! Get ready to roar like your favourite Jurassic friends when you sink your teeth into this creamy cheesecake loaded with Milo powder and topped with a generous portion of more Milo powder!

  • Mango Passion Fruit Cheesecake 8"
  • Can you feel your passion for cheesecakes burning brighter than the sun? All you need in your cheesecake is a tropical touch of passion fruit and mangoes! Only pure fruit puree is used in this cheesecake to ensure the freshness of its fruity flavours as well as the super combo of creaminess from the fruits and the cheesecake itself!

  • Mars Bar Cheesecake 8"
  • No, we don’t have to take over Mars for this cheesecake. With your favourite Mars bars implemented in this award-winning recipe, you’ll experience the familiar soft, chewy and decadent texture paired with the super creaminess of the cheesecake! What are you doing with those spacesuits? We already told you we’re not going to Mars!


  • Burnt Cheesecake
  • Now here’s the old beauty -- a classic among burnt cheesecake fans! Everything from the smoky burnt crisp of the outer layer to the smooth, silky goods on the inside is made even better thanks to a touch of innovation from award-winning bakers. Nothing beats the bliss of enjoying an old favourite that’s given the respect it deserves~ 

  • KETO Burnt Cheesecake aka LOW CARB 9"
  • Those snacky demons filling your mind with cheesecake cravings but you really don’t want to ruin your diet? KETO is the name of the game, and this burnt cheesecake has just that in ample supply! It tastes just as smooth and smoky as the best burnt cheesecakes -- but healthier!

  • Oh MAMA! Burnt Cheesecake 9"
  • Try not to call out to your mama when you get a taste of this burnt cheesecake! But we bet you’d lose this challenge quite easily thanks to the fresh, premium ingredients used to make this cheesecake. The freshly sliced strawberries and cream add to the overall creamy-smoky experience. Oh, and don’t worry about being sent through time back to the good ol’ days. That’s a normal aftereffect. 

  • Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake 9"
  • What if you sink your teeth into a burnt cheesecake but there’s more than just cheesy goodness to it? That’s just the intense Dark Chocolate Couverture from this chocolate variant! The chocolate simply blends with the creamy, dairy-ness of the cheese to make a smooth, bitter-sweet combo! 

    We value innovation and fun in every bite here at Eat Cake Today, so we make sure every cheesecake and burnt cheesecake has the fun factor to them. We hope this list exposes you to the various gooey desserts for your next cake run, from a bakery near “me”!

    What if you don’t agree with our list of cheesecakes? You can check out our full catalogue by clicking here!

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