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Do you find it taxing to plan a heart-warming surprise birthday party for a good friend of yours or maybe even an annual corporate dinnerBeing occupied by your busy corporate life, you must really wish that managing the said occasions could be made more convenient, even if slightly. Blow your woes away, we at Eat Cake Today are here to save the day! Get your phones ready, you might need them by the end of this post!


Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect cake for an occasion – people are individuals, after all! We took this situation into consideration and gathered many of the best cakes out there, just for you! With a catalogue of over 400 different types of cakes, you’re bound to find one that’s trendy, delectable, and most importantly – can be enjoyed by everyone!

We at Eat Cake Today offer almost every kind of cake under the sun! Nothing could go wrong with a total of 18 cake collections available for purchase on one website. All you need to do is search for the collection you wish to have and – boom! The list of master-crafted cakes has been laid out for you! Pretty simple right?

When going online to find an online cake delivery service, you must have noticed that some of them are quite limited when it comes to variety and usually specialize in serving a select few kinds of cakes. We embrace all kinds of cakes and they are the best of what the collection has to offer. No two cakes are the same when it comes to looks or taste!

The looks of a cake doesn’t determine how a cake tastes. However, it sure is a delightful experience to taste a cake that is both made from the best recipes and beautifully decorated. We at Eat Cake Today promise only the most premium cakes for our lovely clients, made in the best bakeries across Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, and Selangor including areas such as Petaling Jaya and Bangi! Not only that, the cakes themselves are baked by renowned bakers of Malaysia, so do prepare yourselves for a flavourful ride of a lifetime.


Previously, you’ve learnt about the source of all the luscious goodness, so you must be questioning yourself whether this may be too good to be true. There is no need to think twice about it, we promise that only best and premium cakes are available! Don’t fret. The quality is guaranteed!

Other than that, we at Eat Cake Today also offer other miscellaneous items to go along with your cakes to spruce up someone’s surprise birthday party or maybe even your anniversary with your significant other! Among the optional add-ons added to your purchase are handwritten cards, handwritten messages on the cake, and a choice of either small or large candles! Sometimes, it’s really the small things that matter.

If you’re looking for something more complete for your event or party, we have just what you need! Under the ‘add-ons’ tab lie some rather lovely additions to the event that you’re organizing. We have fancy balloons to add an extra flair to your parties and flower bouquets for a loved one. We even offer more complete packages such as the Bundle Pack and Dessert TableThe Bundle Pack consists of a neatly decorated, stylish cake along with some balloons whilst the Dessert Table is an assortment of cakes to truly bring life to any party!  Regardless of what you get, you can expect your party to have more bling to it!

If you think this collection of stylish, fancy, and mouth-watering cakes is neat, just wait until you see our custom cakes! Whatever you’re thinking of, the master baker can craft your cake just the way you expected it to be – or better! If you have a friend who’s a fishing maniac and is highly intrigued with catfish, nobody’s stopping you from requesting a cake that looks like one.


Need a cake for an event you’re hosting but are sceptical of the availability of cake delivery services? Put your woes at ease, we’ve got you covered! Our loyal cake delivery service will deliver the best cakes for any occasion, any time without fail! Depending on the preparation time of your choice, you will have a different experience, but worry not -- all of them are just as pleasant and it just gets better and better!

Among the life-saving services that we offer is the 4-hour cake delivery. Despite the quick preparation time, they are no run-of-the-mill cakes! Each and every individual confectionery is crafted with finesse, ensuring a sweet journey with a fancy finish. This deal is perfect as a last resort for those who wish to order a cake that is crafted by a master with short notice.

Even if you plan ahead and wish for a cake to be sent to an event within the next few days, we at Eat Cake Today can make it happen for you! Choose between our 1, 2, or 3-day delivery service and our hardworking and consistent delivery team will make sure your cake reaches your destination at the specified time! As an added bonus, each delivery category offers different types of cakes, varying in style and aesthetic value so do make sure to check out our catalogue before you start planning ahead! 

The weekdays may be over, but that doesn’t mean our services end right there. Not only do we also offer our services during weekends, we also have a catalogue of cakes to set the mood for both Saturdays and Sundays! All you need to do is head over to our ‘Saturday cakes’ or ‘Sunday cakes’ tab which is located under ‘Cake Delivery’ to browse through these mouth-watering mood enhancers!

Not even the hustle and bustle of KL can stop us from sending only the best cakes to your doorstep! 


There is always a flip side to every great thing. Despite our undying support for our beloved cake enthusiasts, we have one major issue -- coverage. Which means, we are currently unable to deliver your favourite cakes to all of Malaysia. It certainly is regrettable to announce such a thing but on the bright side, it is a part of our goal to cover every part of Malaysia in the future! With lasting success, this can be a reality in no time! 

For the time being, only all areas in Klang Valley, Selangor, and KL may experience our great services. There’s always a rainbow after the rain, so do keep your hopes up if you’re not from any of these areas. 

In conclusion, you don’t need to trouble yourself with finding the best cake in KL or wherever it is needed given that it is within the effective range of this event-completing service. Even though Eat Cake Today is unable to reach the entirety of Malaysia, we still offer the best service for our clients. The next time you are in charge of a cake and decorations for an event or a party, you know who to call! Eat Cake Today’s reliable delivery will send your beautifully crafted cake to its designated location in no time!

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