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You and your mates are planning to throw the biggest surprise birthday party for a close friend. Every move and distraction has been planned out to stall him or her for as long as possible but amidst the ingenious plotting, you have forgotten about the most important part of the whole operation -- the party itself! Don’t fret, we at Eat Cake Today have just the solution for you! Start taking notes, you’ll start thinking of new birthday event ideas the moment you finish reading this blog post!


When it comes to planning a party, nothing could go wrong with a selection from a huge collection of quality cakes. So it doesn’t really matter which cake you wish to have for your occasion, we at Eat Cake Today guarantee that you will receive cakes baked by the most notable bakers, using only the finest ingredients. Cakes are treated as the centerpiece of any event, after all!

Despite being among the most crucial elements of a party, having just a cake can be quite the drag. To add more variety, we also offer a rather sizeable collection of other sweet treats for your guests. From Macarons to Tarts and even a generous supply of pastries, your honoured invitees, and even the special birthday boy or girl will be pleasantly surprised by the combination of diverse eats to munch on as they mingle.

Need a cake that thematically represents the current Festival or Celebration because you wish to implement those features in someone’s birthday party? Eat Cake Today has you covered! Throwing a Christmas-themed party? We have a cake for that! Chinese New Year? Got you covered! As long as it’s the closest relevant celebration, we can make it happen.

Of course, you need some accessories for your party, right? Without them, a party is merely a normal gathering with a side of cake. Eat Cake Today has just the thing to fix that problem! Party accessories can also be ordered from our website. 


Talking about accessories, we offer them in individual sets or as a bundle to truly capture the essence of a true party. We offer the most staple of the bunch such as fun, fancy, and metallic looking balloons of various shapes and sizes to a smorgasbord of goodies! If you’d like to know about the specifics, you could give our article of THE FINEST CAKE DELIVERY a read.


Although we mentioned earlier that any cake would be fine for your birthday party, we would love to recommend a couple of cakes that would suit just about anyone’s palate* perfectly! We bet you must be begging to know of the mentioned cakes, right? The answer may surprise you -- behold, The Modern Duke's Pudding Oreo Cheesecake and Baked Oreo Cheesecake! Deep down, we all crave the creamy and milky texture of dairy-based treats. Mix that with everyone’s favourite brand of cookies, Oreo, and you’ll be able to experience the best of both worlds with every bite! Enjoy the crumbly, buttery treats to the max with the best Oreo cheesecakes KL has to offer!

Liven up the party with The Modern Duke’s Pudding Oreo Cheesecake or take it a step further with the added nutty crunchiness from the Baked Oreo Cheesecake, featuring a crispy addition of walnuts to make any nut enthusiast go, well, nuts!

There’s nothing wrong with plotting the most intricate surprise party. Life’s all about the journey, after all! With our services, you can go all out on your master plan and still have the most memorable party of your life. So, why wait? Check out what we have to offer and go have yourselves a party of a lifetime!


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