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Sweet Way To Celebrate Women’s Day

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate and honour the priceless contributions of countless heroes to ensure freedom and equality for the women. If it weren’t for them, we’d still live in an oppressive patriarchy, devoid of rights for women! Now that doesn’t sound too great, does it? 

With ever-evolving and demanding jobs, women too can compete in the realm of careers, thanks to the rights they have gained through the generational toil of the feminists of old that have liberated women from the limitations set by society once upon a time. This leads us to believe that there are many types of women, and ways to treat them right!

Ranging from blue-collar workers to office-related jobs and beyond, women have gradually filled the roles of multiple careers, growing more common with time. This daring pursuit for the future is so influential, even jobs that are deemed as a “men’s exclusives” have begun to see some new feminine faces! Way to go! What better way to celebrate than getting a cake that resembles you!


Analytic, careful, and assignments ensured to be free from error in a corporate setting. For the professional perfectionists, relish every moment of your special day with these intricately sculpted and artsy designer cakes that are bound to satisfy your detailed needs from the treasure trove of Eat Cake Today; the Rosette Cake, Purple Brushstroke Fault Line Cake, and the Lady in Rose Petal Dress Cake 5".


 Workaholics -- nothing will stop you, not until the work is done! That may be the case, but we’re celebrating your special day, so just relax, take the load off while indulging in an unwinding tea-laced dessert or perhaps the familiar taste of coffee that has been part of your morning ritual; Lemon Earl Grey Cake, Espresso Coffee Ice Cream Cake, and Tiramisu Trifle Cake 6".


Classic, vanilla, you believe in the beauty of old-timey and retro vibes. You appreciate and see value in the dated and immerse yourself with a vintage touch. What better way to represent your passion for the past with a sense of local classics; Pandan Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake, Gula Melaka Banana Cake 8", and Cendol Cake, all made scrumptious with the baker’s super special recipe, unique for each cake!


Healthy, balanced, and at its peak, your career and your personal life have both flourished into a crescendo. You strive for a healthier you for a happier life. A healthy body has a healthy mind, after all! Getting to this stage isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. This International Women’s Day, we from Eat Cake Today wish to celebrate your achievements with a selection of cakes that suits you and only you; the Carrot Pineapple Cake 7", Naked Truth Cake, and Summer Bliss Fruit Tart 6".

We’ve come a long way from the ancient belief of job-seeking being exclusive to men. Why not get your female superior something nice to see and good to eat to show her you appreciate her! Better yet, if you’re working under Human Resources, get every female in the company the sweet, cakey taste of the occasion! We know you’re wondering whether “Are there any bakeries or cake shops near me so that I could get some cakes for this occasion?” Relax, it’s your day; we’ll deliver it for you! With a wide array of selections, we from Eat Cake Today are bound to offer something that might suit their taste!

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