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Which is the TOP Pandan Cake available for delivery?

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Let’s talk about pandan cake delivery today. You see, pandan flavour is Malaysian’s all time favourite and makes this local flavour into desserts such as pandan layer cake, pandan chiffon cake and so on. As there’s too many pandan cake delivery available, here comes the question: which pandan cake delivery is the best? Stay here and we will answer your question with Top 6 authentic pandan cakes that are available for cake delivery from Eat Cake Today.

The best way to support local flavour is by getting this Pandan Gula Melaka Cake. Layers of pandan coconut cake layered with whipped topping and gula melaka sauce, coated with coconut flakes. The glamorous design of this pandan cake makes the perfect cake for any celebration. 

Not the ordinary pandan layer cake we usually eat but this Pandan Gula Melaka Layer Cake will be our new favourite. The speciality of this pandan layer cake recipe is the pandan sponge cakes layered with Pandan Agar-Agar and Gula Melaka Agar-Agar, which sits on the very top part of the cake. A refreshing and aromatic pandan flavoured cake that you can enjoy with your loved ones during the hot weather. Every mouthful of fluffiness and chewiness - FANTASTIC!

Fancy yourselves a slice of Mille crepe cake? We all know Mille crepe cakes have distinct layers that make mille crepe cake super Instagrammable like this Pandan Kaya Mille Crepe 9”. The traditionally rich, smooth, and sweet kaya pandan custard cakes the foreign Mille Crepe, sprinkled with fresh & nutty-sweet premium desiccated coconut. 

When everyone says about brulee cake, the first cake that should come into your mind must be this Pandan Brulee Cake. Delicate pandan creme caramel cake with gula melaka sponge and santan whipped cream. Light yet flavourful which we have all the popular local flavours in one, surely Malaysian cake for all.

Other than pandan cakes, we also have pandan tarts delivery like this Nyonya Manis Tart. A Nyonya flavoured coconut, pandan and gula Melaka pastry. Coconut mousse sits in the centre with pandan kaya profiteroles & gula melaka cream on top of almond tart shell. The crust of the tart is irresistible, baked in perfection with delicious filling in the centre, pop it in and maximise the taste in every bite.

Last but not least, the main highlight among the pandan cake delivery collection — Pandan Gula Melaka Cake! The pandan cake is made with authentic freshly juiced pandan, which is  zero artificial and has a strong pandan aroma when you unbox it. This pandan gula melaka cake is our best selling as it is moist and light. Not too overwhelming and even want to have more!

When you absolutely need a pandan cake to be there at the right day, time, place, and taste, this place delivers on its promise! Eat Cake Today holds on to its main visual by delivering happiness to your doorstep. Dekat Eat Cake Today, anda boleh dapat kek pandan layer, kek pandan yang dibuat dengan resepi kek pandan layer, resepi kek pandan yang authentic! For more pandan cake delivery, do check out the pandan cake delivery collection through https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/flavour-pandan for more delicious pandan cakes!

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