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What To Do During The 2021 Merdeka Holiday?

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! When it comes to August & September, all Malaysian sure love two national holidays. Lit up your nationalisme spirit and see what to do during this year's 2021 Merdeka Holiday to celebrate Merdeka Day. 

Pandan Layer Cake is all Malaysian’s favourite childhood snack. Meanwhile this Pandan Layer Cake from Eat Cake Today is legit the perfect breakfast ever. So much fluffiness with strong pandan aroma as it is freshly juiced and topped with coconut zests. Goes perfect with your kopi or teh to start your morning cheerfully

We’re advised to stay home therefore this year’s Merdeka, many of us are unable to go watch Merdeka Parade at the venue itself. We can watch the live Merdeka Parade online and get ready for a French twist with our local flavours. French choux pastry balls with rich filling of custard burst in your mouth that makes you want to have more.

Nasi Lemak is our national cuisine that you must try during Merdeka Holiday so no need to hang Jalur Gemilang as this resembles the colour of our flag. White and blue layered rice as the base with generously spread homemade sambal and topped with sambal prawns or chicken rendang, anchovies, peanuts and egg. Truly the taste of Malaysia!

Malaysia Boleh! Put your phones away and let’s play traditional games together such as congkak, batu seremban or gasing. A great time to learn how to play these traditional games, also a perfect bonding time with your family and friends. Be a proud Malaysian by ordering our Cendoleh Cupcakes to share with your family

The best way to end your 2021 merdeka holiday is to sit around with your loved ones and watch Malaysians Movies. A break from work/study life meanwhile you can chit chat with your family and enjoy onde-onde in the form of cake. Taste the natural sweetness of the gula melaka with fluffy sponge cake, definitely the best onde-onde cake ever!

The greatest thing ever is spending some leisure time with your family as everyone has been busy with their life recently. Merdeka holiday definitely never left out any Malaysian Flavour related desserts. Check out our Malaysian Flavour Collection desserts and order cake delivery from online cake shop near me: 


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