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Malaysian Flavour

I love being Malaysian. because local flavours rock my world! 

Pandan, Gula Melaka, Red Bean, Coconut, Cempedak, Durian, Pineapples, Mangos.. to name a few.
Picture a dessert with the right blend of these sensational fragrances! Sedap right? Wait! You don't have to imagine anymore! We have the real thing! Marilah Mari!

Here we have picked some of the Malaysian flavoured cakes that suit to the Malaysian palate.

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Good Taste

the combination of sweet and salty make up a good taste.

Mango Cheesecake
Leong Wan yee
Mango Cheese Cake

My aunt loves the cheese and the mango topping for her birthday

nice and fresh mango cake

birthday cake for my auntie, she loved it because the mango was fresh and the cake is less sweet.

Very nice and delicious

A nice cake indeed

Delivered to a a friend for her bday. Order and delivery process was smooth. Cake was nice from her feedback.