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2021 Mid-Autumn Festival: Order Mooncake Delivery Online

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

We have almost come to two-third of the year 2021, which means Mid-Autumn 2021 is coming soon! This year’s Mid Autumn falls on 21st September. One of the nightmares after Mid-Autumn is having too many mooncakes at home. Don’t worry, get yourself immersed into the mid autumn festival 2021 with different kinds of mooncakes from Eat Cake Today. At least you have different types of mooncakes to try.

Let’s start from the most traditional, which is baked skin mooncakes, 6 pieces of Premium Mooncakes which gather 6 unique flavours of traditional mooncakes. Zero preservatives and halal certified. With the nice packaging, you can send these mooncakes as a blessing to your loved ones!

Snowskin mooncakes — a must have during moon-viewing. Take your mooncake tasting to the next level by having 4 Pieces of 3D Snowskin Kek Lapis Mooncake. 4 Unique flavours of Kek Lapis Mooncake for you to try: Belgium Chocolate, Original Pure Lotus, Pandan Lotus & Mocha Coffee. Order your mooncake online and enjoy with a cup of tea during Mid-Autumn 2021.

If you think baked skin mooncakes have too many carbs and calories, then you can have a look at these Rabbit Osmanthus Jelly Mooncakes. Cute little rabbits with natural golden colour from the embedded flowers and longan, goji berries inside it. They are so kawaii that even kids will love them and enjoy eating them!

Besides, you can take a look at these Jelly Mooncake Gift Box if you’re searching for mooncakes that are suitable for all ages. Unique 3D jelly flower mooncake using seaweed jelly and natural coloring & Crystal Konnyaku Jelly with premium fresh fruit, additional chewy texture. Absolutely the ideal mid-autumn gift 2021 to send to your boss or colleague.

Another perfect mid-autumn 2021 gift set you can have a look at is Box of 6 Mooncake Macarons. We modernized mooncake designs into premium french desserts with two flavour options to choose: the traditional flavour, Red Bean and Lotus filling or if you prefer something more refreshing, then you can choose Lemon White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.

The Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes family reunion. Furthermore, MCO seems like it has no end, all the majority are clueless on when we can balik kampung. Stay sweet, stay safe and order your mooncake delivery online. Let Eat Cake Today spread your love on behalf of you and we deliver happiness to your doorstep. Browse our Mid-Autumn Festival Collection today: 


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