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Kek Istimewa Untuk Hari Ibu

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Bermula 13 April sehingga 19 Mei, Eat Cake Today menyediakan pelbagai jenis kek termasuk tart, brownies dan kek cawan bertema daripada pembuat kek terkenal yang boleh ditempah menerusi dalam talian.

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“Eat Cake Today” Rolls Out Beautiful & Delicious Themed-Cakes For Our Sweet Moms

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Kuala Lumpur, April 11, 2019 – Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to express our love and appreciation to the special lady in our lives. Nothing conveys your sweet and loving thoughts better than beautiful scrumptious cakes from Eat Cake Today.

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活力加油站 Living Delight (2018) | 2018年9月24日

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

给位蛋糕爱好者有福啦!大马首创电购以及配送网站 Eat Cake Today 让您在忙碌当中利用弹指间订做自己想要的美味蛋糕,即使足不出户也可以在家享用哦!Eat Cake Today 最大的卖点就是可以在4个小时以内提供配送服务,让顾客可以享受当天配购 同日配送哦。活动当天他们邀请来的蛋糕师现场为来宾示范制作蛋糕,其中包括了马卡龙以及蛋糕彩绘。 News content from 8TV Living Delight 活力加油站 > Thank you 8TV Living Delight 活力加油站 for featuring us!

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Let them eat cake

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

ON the second floor of a typical shop lot located in Sri Petaling and ironically, just a level below a fitness centre, a sweet scent permeates the Mama Girl baking studio. The heady aroma of freshly baked confectioneries is strong and seems to be wafting from the far right corner of the studio. There, a makeshift display table has been set up showcasing an array of colourful sugary delights of many shapes and sizes. For someone with a sweet tooth, this is the true definition of paradise. “Malaysians have always enjoyed eating cakes,” declares BC Ang, the director and CEO...

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让您弹指间享受各类美味蛋糕 - Eat Cake Today

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 蛋糕爱好者的佳音!马来西亚首创网上蛋糕订购与配送门户网站“Eat Cake Today”,让您在弹指间即刻享受由才华洋溢的手工兼家庭式蛋糕师按您个人要求为您精制炮制的美味蛋糕。“电召蛋糕”和“电召车”一样方便,即使足不出户,也能够在家享用美味的蛋糕!   Eat Cake Today董事兼首席执行员洪文钞表示说,该平台提供种类繁多,质量上佳的蛋糕供选,并从蛋糕师手中配送至消费者府上的便利服务。从客户服务、蛋糕师乃至送货人员等相关各方均通过智能手机连接“Eat Cake Today”系统。该系统完备简易的A至Z蛋糕订购流程,确保客户准时收到蛋糕,并对该公司的产品和服务感到满意。   最棒的一点是,无论是多么个性化或独特的蛋糕,“Eat Cake Today”都能够为客人精心制作。“Eat Cake Today”集合了40多位蛋糕师,其中一些更是大家耳熟能详的烘培店,比如Baker’s Art、Cat & The Fiddle、Ennoble、Huckleberry、Little Tee Cakes,Tedboy等。该公司的蛋糕师团队乃是根据市场调查建议而精挑细选。   欲知更多详情,可浏览:www.eatcaketoday.com或致电:017-8800153进行订购,营业时间为星期一至六上午9点至下午8点,星期日/公众假期则从上午9点至下午6点。 News content from Red Tomato > Thank you Red Tomato for featuring us! 

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Even the non-cake lovers had second helping

Simply Chocolate Cake 7"

A delicious combination of chocolate and tart strawberries! My family loved it ...


It was much smaller than expected. The stars i would only give for the taste, which was nice yeah.

Easy, efficient and precise! Worry free

Ordered a designer cake from Kak Sul Leh on Friday to be deliver on Tues 3-5pm. Cake was sent to me at 3.45pm and the entire process was easy and efficient. Whatsapp contact me one hour before they deliver over to my house. Cake turn out exactly like the photo. Thank you!


For those who love lemon , this is the go-to cake!