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Sponge Cake Delivery For Different Personalities in JUST 4 HOURS!

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On a sudden crave for sponge cakes or searching for last minute birthday cake? It can be solved by ordering Eat Cake Today. A huge collection of delightful sponge cake that are available for today’s delivery. Stay here with us and we tell you which sponge cake is perfect for different personalities or your sudden craving.

First, it never goes wrong for getting moist Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookie Cake as it is perfectly fresh baked for anyone and any occasion. Well balanced with salty and sweet which makes it one of our best selling cakes that gathers more than 500 5-stars reviews. Absolutely decadent and the ultimate guilty pleasure!

Having a Buddha-like bestie is just like this Earl Grey Cake 6”. Taste of Zen along with the premiumness from the Earl Grey tea flavour, the right amount of sweetness… it will surely make your bestie go crazy over this cake. Earl Grey Cake is also good for those who are non sweet tooth, all ages since it’s a less sweet cake.

Little Painter Cake 6”: A Korean cake that portrays someone who is adorable and lovable. Simple yet aesthetic design with three popular sponge cake flavours as the cake base. The rich cream coated with the airy sponge cake gives the texture of cotton candy, light and fluffy! 

Lady boss or the fashionista deserve an Elegant Rosette Cake. You can have both cake and flower as the flower petals on top are fresh rose petals. The cake is not only beautiful from the outside but also rich and creamy with a hint of blueberry sourness from the inside. 

Send Italian Tiramisu Sponge Crepe Cake 8” to the one who misses travelling a lot. Layered with freshly brewed espresso coffee sponge cake and delicate mille crepe. Each layer is infused with rich Mascarpone cream cheese and espresso coffee. The combination of soft sponge cake and creamy crepe cake gives an extra fluffy texture to every single bite! 

This sponge cake delivery still has a long list to go. Order your sponge cake delivery today and get it delivered within the same day in JUST 4 HOURS! Feel free to check out our sponge cake collection and shop now: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/sponge-cakes

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