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兔兔果冻月饼  (8 pieces of Cute Rabbit Jelly Mooncake)

谁能受得了这些精致又可爱的兔兔果冻月饼?少女心都要被萌化了啦!启发于古代神话传说中居住在月球上的兔子,也称作为玉兔。一共有4种不同的馅料 - 白莲蓉、芝麻莲蓉、红豆和榴莲莲蓉哦!甜而不腻的内馅,中秋节吃兔兔就对啦!*点击了解更多*

养生桂花海燕窝枸杞月饼  (24 pieces of Osmanthus Jelly Mooncake)

使用老少皆宜的材料,这款果冻月饼含有双口味 – 冰糖和红糖。添加了枸杞和龙眼果肉,桂花本身带来的天然色润和香气足以让它脱颖而出。低糖不油腻,最适合送给家里的长辈们!*点击了解更多*

玫瑰花果冻月饼 (Rosey Yogurt Jelly Mooncake)

芳香扑鼻的玫瑰花果冻月饼,均采用天然色素,最适合送给最喜欢健康和紧跟随时代尖端的她!4款不同口味 - 黑加仑优格,奇异果优格,草莓优格和芒果桃子优格。超级好吃!*点击了解更多*

吉蒂猫果冻月饼 (Hello Kitty Jelly Mooncake)

吉蒂猫迷注意啦!这款附有优格口味的卡通造型月饼都是纯手工做的哦,粒粒都好精致!可爱的外观配上健康混合水果 - 黑加仑,奇异果,草莓和芒果桃子,同样采用天然色素打造而成,这理由足以让你买买买它!*点击了解更多*

哆啦A梦果冻月饼 (Doraemon Jelly Mooncake)

买月饼还附上可爱的哆啦A梦系列 -哆啦A梦、小叮铃、大雄和静宜卡通造型,小孩肯定爱不释手,看了都不舍得吃呢!同样有4款口味 - 黑加仑优格,奇异果优格,草莓优格和芒果桃子优格。甜中带点酸,有助于消化哦!*点击了解更多*


一站式特色蛋糕网购平台𝐄𝐚𝐭 𝐂𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐓𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲特为中秋节进口一系列美味又具有特色的月饼,你只需上网通过 门户网站下单订购,即有专人运送上门,让你轻轻松松解决中秋节送礼问题。

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4579 reviews
Moist and oh-so flavorful! Favourite cake hands down!

This cake is so delicious! This is my new favourite cake. The texture is just right, it's light and there's a crunch to it thanks to the poppyseeds, plus this cake is not too heavy and it's moist. The flavours are well balanced and that lemon flavour is not too overpowering, it sits on the tongue just long enough for you to need the next bite. There was a lot of cake to go around and even after a few days in the fridge, it maintained its moisture and didn't dry out like how some other cakes do. Looks great too! Would order this over and over again!

Very rich and flavorful!

Having the option to choose all when you can’t choose one, was very helpful and gave my family the choice of variety. I think it’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed how flavorful and rich the cheesecake was. It was delivered quickly, in fact, a little before the scheduled delivery period which was great! Would definitely order again. And thank you for the great service!


Yummy cake , not too sweet , lightly cheese & smooth

Pandan Gula Melaka Cake

Very yummy cake especially the pandan flavour.

Very delicious cake and good delivery service!