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Cittabella Malaysia 母亲节蛋糕

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Eat Cake Today特别为妈妈献上精致且美味的主题蛋糕。透过其网站订购的话可特别送上门哦,而且输入 “LOVEMOM” 促销代码还可以获得10%的折扣。#eatcaketoday

Content from Citta Bella Malaysia.

Thank you Citta Bella Malaysia for featuring us!

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Pretty Carrot Walnut Cake!

First time ordering from Eat Cake today.
With the recent changes happening in life, I had forgotten about my mother's birthday until the night before. Thankfully was able to place order with Eatcaketoday and the delivery was on time. My family all enjoyed the cake, which is also aesthetically beautiful.
Will consider this website again for future ocassions


My husband and I enjoy the cake.

Fudge Brownies
Dr Vimala Govindaraju
Wonderful Fudge Brownies

Delicious Fudge Brownies with rich chocolate and nuts.

Beautiful & Delicious Cake!

This cake tastes special and delicious! Ordered for my grandma’s birthday, it’s not sweet, just perfect for old folks! Big thanks to MareMaris Pâtisserie for the beautifully decorated cake and prompt delivery. Everyone loves the cake. Try it and you will love it!