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The TOP 8 Best Looking & Tasting Macarons in Klang Valley

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Over the last 2-3 years, macarons have become a popular snack or dessert alternative. It has earned a reputation for being sweet, crumbly, and, most importantly, visually pleasing. Eat Cake Today offers you a variety of cute macarons with different flavours, different designs and shape that will make your day!

1. Box of 6 Clam Sea Shell Macarons

These colouful Korean Macaron with clam sea shell design will definitely cheer you up! It comes with six flavours including KitKat Dark Chocolate, Cheese Cracker, Pretzel Lemon White Chocolate, Callebaut Matcha, Triple Strawberry, and Salted Caramel. We only used the high quality ingredients to ensure the best texture and flavour to you~

2. Macaron Cake 6"

Looking for something that is outstanding and shining bright under the stage light? We serve a surprisingly good and not exception giant macaron cake! Crisp and crumbly on the surface, smooth and creamy on the inside.

3. Box of 7 Rainbow Macarons

Life is similar to a rainbow. Make your life colourful, be happy and make everyone around you colourful and happy too. These rainbow macarons come with loads of different interesting flavours. Even the packaging is presented in the most elegant way~

4. Macaron Gift Set

Macaron is the best gift for sweet tooth! So we make it into an Insta-worthy and minimalist design box with a ribbon so that it is presentable when you give it to your loved one! Not to mention there are plenty of flavours included.

5. Macaron Cupcakes

Good cupcakes plus good macarons equals to a wonderful tea time! You can choose six or twelve macaron cupcakes and they are certainly lovely, crumbly and well-balanced sweetness.

6. Box of 12 Hello Kitty Macarons

Behold Hello Kitty Fan! We present to you the cutest Hello Kitty Macarons with different flavours along with possibly one of the most exquisite, crumbly texture; one is surely inadequate! You might find it hard to consume because they are too adorable~

7. Box of 12 Pooh & Piglet Macarons

Someone asks for Winnie, we got the Pooh! And his best friend piglet as well la~ These little cuties are so addictive that they add delight to your day.

8. Macarons Cake 5”

The magnificent designer macaron cake! A plate of delicious sweet goodies wouldn't go amiss so have a bite of this elegantly made macaron cake with lots of love and passion. Feast your eyes and tummy with this beautifully presented french macaron cake!

An essential dessert is a must to cheer up your day, such as these alluring sweet macarons at https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/macarons

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