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The Best Budget Bundle Deal To Save Your Wallet

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Worried about how to give a surprise or gift to someone? Fear not! Eat Cake Today is introducing the best deal for the best bundle set with varieties of choices to choose from! Here is the bundle deal list that is full of surprises that will save your wallet.

1. Macaron & Flower Bundle

Undeniable sweet treat, macarons that are perfect for gifting and tea time! Freshly made with premium quality and ensure the right balance of crunchiness and chewiness of macarons. This bundle also comes with a soap flower which is lovely for any occasion!

2. Mix & Match Petit Gateau & Coffee Bundle

Four little cakes with different authentic flavours that will lighten up your day~ It is so good that it comes with two bottles of aromatic cold brew coffee which is perfect to serve with these exceptional petit gateau.

3. Less Sweet Cake & Coffee Bundle

Introducing the less sweet cake series with three options of cake which is Fresh Taro Coconut Pudding Cake, Rose Lychee and Earl Grey Cake. They are all refreshing and light tasting which is wonderful for sharing when paired with two bottles of LYNO premium cold brew coffee.

4. Chocolate Cake & Lollipop Bobo Balloon Bundle

Our signature chocolate cake, Chocolate Indulgence and Chocolate Banana will definitely fix your craving with the rich premium chocolate taste! This bundle also comes with a 18” Lollipop Bobo Balloon which will make the day more memorable~

5. Malaysian Flavour Cake & Flower Bundle

An extraordinary flavour of local delight cakes, Onde-onde and Pandan Layer are Malaysian all time favorites and the bundle set comes with a soap flower which is perfect for gifting to your loved one.

6. Premium Ice Cream Cake 6" & Lollipop Bobo Balloon Bundle

Ice cream chillin chillin~ This ice cream bundle set has three options of ice cream cake to choose from, which is Valrhona Dark Chocolate, Espresso Coffee and Oreo Ice Cream Cake and they are made with imported ingredients to enhance the flavour. It also comes with a lollipop bobo balloon that make it so wonderful.

7. Mid Autumn Mooncake & Flower Box

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming to town! Haven’t decide what to get for your family or friends? We've got you the luxurious mid-autumn mooncake and flower box which is elegantly designed and consists of artisan Taiwanese mooncakes with salted egg yolk and fresh fragrant flowers to enjoy the reunion gathering with your family!

8. Classic Dessert Table Package

Don’t know what to get for your crowded party? This ultimate classic dessert table package is the one to go! It comes with different types of best selling sweet bites that are made with the finest quality of ingredients that will give the whole crowd a blast of time!

Look “Atas”, Wonderful taste! The best deal for your party or gifting! Check out our latest bundle deal here, https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/bundle-deals

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