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Brownies: Treat Yourself The Right Way

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Hardships are a normal thing to face in life, even more so during these uncertain times. Don’t be shy to treat yourself once in a while. Give yourselves a pat on the back because you’re not letting this momentary inconvenience slow down your tempo! 

Of course, that in itself doesn’t mean we are invincible. As humans, we are still prone to burning out once in a while. But that can be changed with a cheeky little treat! Don’t worry about a thing -- we won’t judge~ 

With that said; sit back, relax, and let us do the dessert-hunting for you! Feast your eyes on our list of the top 7 brownies you should get for your next “me time”~ 


  • Chocolate Chip Walnut Brownie
  • Are you nutty for all things crunchy and moist with chocolatey goodness, especially in your serving of brownies? These right here might have just what you’ve been craving!

    Not only are these brownies baked to moist perfection, you will soon discover that this recipe is also blessed with toasted walnuts for the extra bold crunch along with the richest chocolate chips that add to the chocolatey goodness~

  • Fudge Brownies
  • There are many types of brownie enjoyers. Some prefer them cakey, while others love them fudgy. If you’re on the latter side, these brownies are going to knock your socks off! 

    These are the fudge-style brownies you know and love, but with their moistness levels jacked up to extraordinarily delicious levels. They are rich and oh-so chocolatey, yet their texture is quite light and chewy. 

  • 36 pieces of Vegan Brownie Bites
  • Who says vegans can’t enjoy the goodness of brownies like everyone else? These treats are vegan-friendly, yet they’re so good even non-vegans will love them! 

    These brownies are void from the ingredients vegans avoid. So, not even a single trace of animal products are used in the making of these desserts! No eggs, dairy, gluten, or even refined sugar but they’re still soft, moist and fluffy! 

  • Nutella Brownies 10"
  • Oh, no! You’ve run out of Nutella! But don’t start scraping the jar just yet! You’re in for one hell of a treat and twice as much fun with these Nutella-based brownies

    If it will take more than earthy dark chocolate to sate your cravings, you’ll find that the addition of Nutella is exactly what you need! Combine the extra dark, moist sensation of these brownies along with some chopped hazelnuts and nothing can go wrong! 

  • Signature Classic Brownies 10"
  • So far, we’ve only talked about the more unique brownies, so what about the regular ones we all grew to love? Don’t worry, here they are -- bolder in taste than before! 

    With deeper tones of moist dark chocolate paired with a fudgier sensation, these brownies are the all-rounder of this list. If you love things simple yet packing the heaviest punches when it comes to deliciousness, this one is for you! 

  • Keto Brownies with Chocolate Drizzle
  • Maybe you’re so close to obtaining your dream body but your brain just swamps your mind with cravings of something sweet and chocolatey? Say hello to these keto brownies

    These brownies are baked with you in mind by making them low in carbs while at the same time avoid using sugar! If you need more pizzazz on these brownies, they come with a jar of chocolate you can slather all over the treat! 

  • Brownie Bars
  • These brownies take the word “finger food” to a whole new level! 

    The brownies you know and love, now in convenient, pre-sliced pieces so you can pamper yourself all you want with no hassle, especially the cutting part! Just serve them on a plate and put them right beside your favourite chair and vibe away~ 

    Now that you’re all set with the knowledge, have you decided how you’re going to pamper yourself after a good day’s work? Maybe you’ve also decided that the types of brownies you’d like to accompany you. Now, now, there’s no need to google search for a “bakery near me”, we’ll deliver these brownies straight to you! 

    Wondering how you could start ordering one of these right now? Just click here, and you’ll be transported to our extensive collection of brownies! 

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