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7 Must-Try Chocolate Cakes Delivery in PJ, KL, and Selangor

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To some people, chocolate is already their second “vanilla”. They always go back for more of their favourite chocolate cakes! Even an avid chocolate lover would love to get their hands on a new take of their favourite comfort food flavour~ 

Good news for you chocoholics and chocolate crusaders who would do anything for your go-to chocolate flavour! Wondering what’s this heart-pounding message we came bearing to your chocolate craving selves? Just have a look at this list of 7 of the must-try chocolate cakes if you’re in KL, PJ, or Kajang area! 

Chocolate salted caramel cookie cake Malaysia - Eat Cake Today
  • Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookie Cake
  • For the one who likes a bit of a crunch to their favourite slice of chocolate cake. Even with all those munchy biscuits, it’s still layered beautifully on a body of sinfully soft and moist chocolate cake. 

    Know any chocolate-loving birthday boys or girls? You’ll really win their heart if you serve this to them at their birthday party (or at least give them the chocolate cake as a wrapped-up-in-a-cute-little-bow present). Who can say no to two layers of chocolate and salted caramel cake

    Chocolate ice cream cake Malaysia - Eat Cake Today
  • Valrhona Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cake 8"
  • Ice cream and cakes. Two worlds that are best enjoyed on different occasions. But what if you could merge them? You get this Valrhona Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

    There’s even a few surprise layers of brownies within this sinfully thick dark chocolate ice cream cake. And topped with more luscious dark chocolate Gula Melaka crumbles. All on top of a lotus biscuit base. For the beach or for a party! Just make sure to share~ 

    Red velvet Chocolate cake Malaysia - Eat Cake Today
  • Red Velvet Cake 9"
  • Red is a fancy colour. And red velvet is a fancy cake. For a fancy event. This Red Velvet Cake oozes with luxury, yet retains a cutesy feel to it. 

    Red velvet cake, cradled in velvety cream cheese frosting. Layered thoroughly with more red velvet crumbles. And a cutesy crown of macarons and strawberries on top. Perfect for that special someone in your life. Or if you really like fancy stuff.

    Salted caramel Chocolate cake Malaysia - Eat Cake Today
  • Salted Caramel Drizzle Cake 9"
  • A chocolate cake for chocolate fanboys (and fangirls) that prefer a bolder savoury touch that’s thick and sinful. That’s the Salted Caramel Drizzle Cake! 

    Just look at this chocolate cake. Nobody could resist the beautiful and mouth-watering display of salty-smoky sweetness drizzled all over this moist chocolate cake. Sandwiched between super creamy salted caramel buttercream. Really jolts you with nothing but pleasure~

    Chocolate cake Malaysia - Eat Cake Today

  • Death By Chocolate Cake
  • If you think you can handle any kind of chocolate cake, maybe you should give it some more thought before trying out the Death by Chocolate Cake

    What makes this chocolate cake so dangerous? We hope you’re prepared. It will beckon and lure you in with its sexy, irresistible chocolate cream spread. And when you finally cut the cake, it bears its heart-stoppingly moist chocolate cake body. And when you bite into it. You’ll be so addicted you’d want more~

    Magnum Apricot Chocolate cake Malaysia - Eat Cake Today

  • Magnum Chocolate Apricot Cake 7"
  • A true chocoholic will acknowledge Magnum chocolates as the crown jewel of chocolates! But what if the Magnum chocolate was turned into a cake? Just look at this Magnum Chocolate Apricot Cake and you’ve got your answer! 

    Layer after layer of chocolate ganache and chocolate sponges sandwich a layer of tangy apricot jam to cut off some of that excess sinfulness so that you can enjoy this cake to the fullest! 

    french box Chocolate cake Malaysia - Eat Cake Today

  • Chocolate French Box
  • Looking to shock your buddy with a prank that’s both fun AND edible? Look no further! This Chocolate French Box cake is here!

    Made from a combination of chocolate cake layered with dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut praline, and chocolate Chantilly cream. You should look at the look on his or her face when you cut through this “chocolate box” and serve a slice of this cake

    Chocolate cake is a classic that could use more love put into them. With the special, fresh, and premium special ingredients from our bakers, which they include into the recipe of their cakes, chocolate cakes just got the upgrade they deserve! 

    Curious to see what other chocolate cakes we have? Just click here to access our full library of chocolate cakes!

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