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Le Trianon Cakes

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It takes a defined discipline and practiced confidence to do one thing one, and to do it right. In the case of Le Trianon, it is the mastering of chocolate cakes. Two, to be precise.

By only selling two cakes, Le Trianon brings to the table a sophistication that will appease even the most critical of chocolate lovers. Their premium chocolate cakes are the epitome of pure indulgence. The signature Trianon cake is a crunchy chocolate praline sandwiched between a generous layer of smooth, dark chocolate, and a thin, crispy biscuit base. With a smooth consistency that melts at the graze of a tongue, the silky richness of the chocolate top juxtaposed with the crunch of the other two layers give every bite a carefully proportioned texture in taste. The Chocolate Heaven, which is only sold in whole, is a dark beauty made of bittersweet Belgian chocolate. Dense with a mousse-like distinction, the Chocolate Heaven will render you into a decadent submission.

Le Trianon can now be found at two locations – the original kiosk in Citta Mall, and a recently added spot at The Curve. The next time you walk past their unassumingly bare shopfront, do yourself a favor and savor the Le Trianon experience.

These sinfully tempting cake photographs were sourced from:
Le Trianon

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