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11 Men’s Birthday Cakes Ideas, Number 6 is our BEST SELLER

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Men deserve birthday cakes too! Choosing men’s birthday cake could be easy but it could be very hard too. 12 men’s birthday cake ideas here for you to choose, you will certainly find the perfect men’s birthday cake from this list. Let’s have a look!

  1. Gentleman Fruity Cake

Fresh fruit decorated tuxedo on top. The sweetness from the homemade blueberry filling matches the slight bitterness from the chocolate sponge cake layer, balancing out the taste. 

  1. Money Theme Cake 4”

A men’s birthday cake that represents all men. 4 Signature cake flavours to choose as cake base. The best way to wish the man you loved being successful and earn more. (psst! More money for shopping🤣)

  1. Tiramisu Delight Cake

Another men’s birthday cake with a tuxedo topper decorated on top with a few fresh fruits beside it. Creamy and nice, not so overwhelmingly tiramisu that you will finish it in no time.

  1. Mango Cheesecake

All ingredients are definitely fresh and high quality. The saltiness from the cookie base perfectly balances out the overwhelmingness of the smooth cream cheese. Not too sweet nor too heavy, it tastes like ice cream cake!

  1. Raspberry Chocolate Cake with Red Wine

Raspberry chocolate, red wine and cream brûlée. What a combination! Perfect men’s birthday cake for birthday drinking session with your loved ones. Just the right amount of sweet, sour and bitter. This will be all alcohol lovers’ new favourite.

  1. Salted Caramel Popstar Cake

Our best selling cake that pairs the perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness which is suitable to be men’s birthday cake. The design of the cake is out of this world and the taste of it is absolutely amazing. Crunchy popcorn and moist chocolate cake, one slice is not enough.

  1. Royal King Jelly Cake 5”

Men’s birthday cakes should be as lit as this cake. A cute clay made king sitting on top of the colourful rainbow jelly cake. Less sweet with extra chewiness from the fresh longan. Serve this to the king of your family, he will love you more! Best served chilled.

  1. Chicken Rendang Indulgence's Nasi Kunyit Cake 8"

We all know the majority of the men have non-sweet tooth. This year, get men's birthday cakes go savory. Delicious centerpiece sparked delightful chatter at the dinner table. Moist chicken rendang is moist and the sambal had just the right tinge of spiciness.

  1. Chocolate Mint Mille Crepe Cake 8”

If you think chocolate mint tastes like toothpaste, it's because you don’t know how to enjoy it. This mille crepe cake’s chocolate flavour is at its best. Not too sweet, perfectly matching with the strong mint flavour. Creamy and yummy!

  1. Stacked Brownies

Bored with normal brownies design? Have this! The gooey caramel gave it that something extra with the right amount of sweetness from the fudgy brownies. Recommended for any gathering or celebration, no need to wash any dishes as everyone can just take from the brownie tower.

  1. Earl Grey Cake 6” 

Anyone, even if you're not a tea lover, will love this. It has a great combination of sponge cake and cream frosting. It’s also nice that the cake isn’t too sweet, just nicely balanced with the tea flavour. Another slice please~

We still have more delicious men’s birthday cakes that we can’t fit into this list! Browse our men’s birthday cake collection and order yours today at: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/cake-delivery-for-him-kl-malaysia

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