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Helium Deco Bubble Balloon 24"

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The perfect gift that can say everything. Personalise your own custom helium deco bubble balloon with any words you want! Now you have no worries of having no idea what to get when you can send these minimal lovely balloons to anyone.

Customize Message on Balloon: A short message which will appear on a balloon. Limited to 25 alphanumeric characters (A-Z and 0-9), fill in at Message on Balloon.

Balloon Details

🕑 Same day delivery within 4 hours 

🎈 24" Customised Bubble Balloon: Custom text on the balloon, max 25 characters, no icons or emojis, fill in at Message on Balloon.

Balloon Bouquet Set Includes + -
✓ 1x Deco Bubble Balloon 24"
✓ 6x Mini Latex Balloon 5"
✓ 1x Matching Tassel and Ribbon
✓ Customize Message on Balloon
Deco Bubble Balloon Bouquet Colour + -
  • 3x 5" Metallic Gold Latex Balloon
  • 3x 5" Pearl Diamond Latex Balloon

    ✓ Rose Gold

    • 3x 5" Metallic Rose Gold Latex Balloon
    • 3x 5" Pearl Diamond Latex Balloon

    ✓ Pink

    • 2x 5" Pearl Rose Latex Balloon
    • 2x 5" Pearl Light Pink Latex Balloon
    • 2x 5" Pearl Diamond Latex Balloon

    ✓ Red

    • 3x 5" Metallic Red Latex Balloon
    • 3x 5" Pearl Diamond Latex Balloon

      ✓ Purple

      • 2x 5" Metallic Purple Latex Balloon
      • 2x 5" Pearl Lavender Latex Balloon
      • 2x 5" Pearl Diamond Latex Balloon

      ✓ Blue

      • 2x 5" Metallic Blue Latex Balloon
      • 2x 5" Pearl Light Blue Latex Balloon
      • 2x 5" Pearl Diamond Latex Balloon

      ✓ Turquoise

      • 3x 5" Pastel Turquoise Latex Balloon
      • 3x 5" Pearl Diamond Latex Balloon

      ✓ Silver

      • 3x 5" Metallic Silver Latex Balloon
      • 3x 5" Pearl Diamond Latex Balloon
        Hi-Float Helium Balloons Float Time + -
        Hi-float helium balloons float time tested indoor in an air-conditioned room with a temperature of 18-20c.
        ✓ Latex balloons: 1 - 2 days
        ✓ Foil balloons: 2 - 3 days
        ✓ Bubble balloons: 3 - 5

        Notes + -
        Helium balloons float time are greatly affected by temperature. Float time will be shorter outdoor. Please do not leave them in a hot or warm environment. 


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        Small balloons pop easily

        The small balloons inside the helium balloons pop easily. Did not place the balloons under hot weather but within just 3 hours, 2 of the small balloons pop.

        Yena Song

        Helium Deco Bubble Balloon 24"

        Clever Batu 11 cheras

        Inside small balloons all boom boom finish …so bad

        Karen S
        Beautiful Ballon bouquet

        Such beautiful Ballon bouquet sent. Love it!! It was amazing, great and efficient support by the staff in assisting me to make this order happened this week. Well done!!

        Yen Wei Koh
        The smaller balloons burst very easily

        The first explosion came less than 1 hour or receipt. And then subsequent explosions come 2 hours after each. Balloon was placed in a low wind movement and low heat area (air conditioned all day) but the mini balloons inside popped anyway. Really bad experience.

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