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Texture by C3 Lab

C3 Lab was co-founded in April 2019 by world-class pastry chefs: Chef Chong aka Breadpitt and Chef Lawrence Bobo are well known for their love, passion and work in fine pastries and chocolates. Together with Chef May Ling who specialises in creating sugar flowers, C3 lab was established to inspire innovation within the bakery market and to keep up with the cutting-edge culinary trends. 

Chef Chong Ko Wai (@breadpitt) dubbed as “The Brad Pitt of Pastry”, captivating the hearts of thousands of pastry fans. Chef Chong is notably famous in creating modern French pastries with the perfect balance in flavours and textures. He has a great eye for detail, which is exhibited through his artistic sugar and chocolate showpiece. His team was placed 6th in the 2017 Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in Lyon. He was also placed 2nd in the 2016 Mondial des Arts Sucres, his entremets creation’s topped the category in the competition.

Chef Lawrence Cheong (@lawrence_bobo) is known for his mindblowing chocolate artistry and is highly admired on Instagram with thousands of followers enchanting his fans with all his masterpiece. When it comes to patisseries and chocolates, he reinvents the classic flavor into an array of exquisite delectables. One of his most outstanding work is that his team was placed 4th and was awarded the title “Best Chocolate Showpiece” in the 2015 Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in Lyon.

Chef Chen May Ling (@petalsby.you) tantalizes the industry and her fans with her delicate signature sugar flowers from gum paste. She imparts her knowledge of her creations through classes conducted locally as well as overseas. Chef May Ling won bronze medal in the 2017 FHM Culinaire Malaysia Competition in the Artistic Showpiece category with her chocolate showpiece.