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Gluten Free Cakes

Need to fix that Gluten-Free cravings? Eat Cake Today offers more than 17 selections of cakes that all can enjoy without feeling guilty! All the ingredients used are 100% Gluten-Free to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the happiness come from eating cakes.

Buatlah pilihan yang lebih sihat dengan Eat Cake Today! Anda boleh menikmati kek yang lazat dan memikat cita rasa tanpa perlu merisaukan kandungan kalori seperti kek biasa. Cubalah salah satu kek dari koleksi Eat Cake Today!

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15124 reviews
Lemon Poppyseed Cake Review

My friend loved the cake!! Said it was big and tasted very delicious and liked that it was not overly sweet

Excellent cake and great delivery

We loved the salted caramel cake.
And I liked the specific time slots for delivery - it made it easier to plan to have the cake on time

Nicely & timely delivered

It was delivered on time and was very nice as well

Rich with multiple textures and taste

Ordered this for my son who likes variety. This fits it perfectly as it has multiple textures and taste. You can taste toffee, coffee, biscuit, rich and moist chocolate cake and bananas. Somehow the combos work really great together. The cake is very rich so eat small amounts of it at a time to savour it.

Mix Box
The birthday boy loves it!

Recently bought this Mix Box and delivered to our friend's house for his birthday. The box was well delivered, plus the delivery man was very kind. The Mix Box was a great option for our picky friend, plus the vegan and gluten-free makes it perfect.