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The 8 Best Cakes To Celebrate Merdeka & Malaysia Day

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This year's excitement for National Day is no less palpable! Along with the explosive excitement in the air, there are tonnes of Merdeka promos, offers, and coupons. It's that time of year when we can spend on sweet treats while saving money with the greatest Malaysia Sales. Most importantly, what is better than commemorating this day with birthday cakes and goodies, Malaysians? Look no farther if you want to deliver surprises on this unquestionably unique occasion! Here's a wonderful offer on an unbeatable present, cakes~! 

1. Onde Onde Cake 6"

We're all here for authentic flavours! Our signature Onde-Onde Cake is inspired by our traditional Malaysian Nyonya mini bites - Onde-Onde! It is stacked with aromatic Gula Melaka on a soft and fresh pandan sponge cake. This light, refreshing, and delightfully tropical dessert is topped with loads of coconut flakes, which is the perfect balance of texture and taste!

2. Mango Cheesecake 

Malaysia is a tropical and rainforest country. Same goes to the mango, TROPICAL! Our mango cheesecake is made with fresh mango that is imported from Thailand. Guaranteed its sweetness and juiciness! This is a non-baked cheesecake thus it tastes like ice-cream and giving you a velvety mouthfeel! The top layer is  mango gelatine, which is chewy and based with digestive biscuit crumbs that make it so good and refreshing.

3. Musang King Durian Mille Crepe Cake 8"

Attention! This cake needs to be treated like a King!!! Because it’s the Almighty Musang King, our national fruit and identity! 100% Musang King flesh is layered between 22 layers of paper-thin crepes, which are fluffy and taste heavenly good~!

4. Artisan Mix and Match Slice Cakes

Thinking about what flavour to pick? Our artisan mix and match slice cake has 12 different flavours. You can taste all of the Malaysian favourites in just one cake!  Whatever your background is, there must be a great flavour particularly just for you!

5. Gula Melaka Banana Cake

The best partner in crime - Banana + Homemade Gula Melaka Sauce! It is super moist and buttery. Topped with caramelized almond crumbles which provide a good balance of crunchy and soft texture. It’s a unique local taste that you will surely love! 

6. 36 Assorted Local Profiteroles Cream Puffs

Mini bites, a huge surprise! These little cream puffs will definitely burst in your mouth and double your happiness! Simply the best quality homemade creams with Pandan, Mango, and Vanilla flavours for a velvety texture to cap off a lavish feast. 

7. Nasi Lemak Cake 8"

It looks absurd but tastes heavenly! Indulge yourself with this savoury, extraordinary Nasi Lemak Cake, the national dish of Malaysia! Freshly made with the fragrant nasi lemak and nasi kerabu as the base, then topped with sambal prawn or rendang chicken with other ingredients that pair well with nasi lemak! This one is so huge, with so many fascinating aspects, that it reminds us of the National Day Celebration!

8. Pandan Gula Melaka Cake Bites

Pandan + homemade Gula Melaka sauce, a Malaysian classic! Undeniably fresh coconut extract infused with fresh pandan juice layered with a generous amount of Gula Melaka sauce! It’s so moist and creamy that it makes you crave more!

Whatever cake you choose for Merdeka Day, you can be certain that your present will be consumed by your loved one. Whether you're purchasing it for your loved one or just to indulge yourself during Merdeka, don't miss out on the largest Malaysia Sale 2022 and the delicious cakes on sale! 


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