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Searching for Customized Birthday Cake Delivery Website? Here You Go!

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

A celebration without cake is just a meeting. Make your celebration more fun and cheerful by getting your cake customized. Here comes the main question: Where to get customized birthday cake delivery near me in KL Malaysia? Eat Cake Today is here to answer your question with our professional baker team to complete your customized cake. Scroll and read on to explore the amazing design done by our bakers!

We all have one friend or family member who is so obsessed with Curry Laksa Mee. If you have no idea what to get as their birthday cake, then get one custom made Curry Laksa Mee Cake 5”. An edible cake that looks like the bowl of curry laksa mee they always order for breakfast or lunch.

To all the ARMYs, Eat Cake Today can fulfill your dream by having your customized BTS birthday cake made by us just like this MIA Cake 5. It’s too beautiful to be eaten but the taste is definitely a thumbs up! You can now celebrate BTS debut anniversary or your birthday by getting your own personalised BTS themed birthday cake.

Doctor always asked us to eat healthy with less sugar. This time, shut their mouth up by giving them the most delicious Doctor Cake that is designated for them. Amazing customised cake with doctor coat and stethoscope. Besides, you can send this to the friend who is soon to be a doctor their birthday customized cake or congratulation gift!

Besides, not all customized cakes are made with fondant. For instance, this Dog Cake 5" is a hand piped buttercream cake. It’s no longer just about choosing the perfect flavour to celebrate, now you can make a list of all your BFF’s favourite things and the bakery will put it on the cake. Do consider getting any dog lovers or animal lovers to have their favourite animal or pet custom made into a birthday cake.

Besides, you can also customize cupcakes with edible printing or your company logo. Now you can get your favourite character, football team customized. Furthermore, you are able to custom make your cake for special occasions other than just birthdays such as wedding, bride-to-be shower, baby shower, anniversary and so forth. One thing guarantees from us that the ingredient used for customised cake is halal unless requested by the customer. Please contact us at 017-8800153 or hello@eatcaketoday.com for more details!

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