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New Sponge Cakes On Board: Order Now & Enjoy 10% OFF

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Calling out all sponge cakes lovers, Eat Cake Today has more sponge cakes on board. No rules say that you can only get cakes during your birthday. Thus, we have something BIG for you so stay with us and check out these newbies.

  1. Matcha Red Bean Sponge Cake 6"

Matcha and red bean is the perfect marriage of flavour. Made out of premium Japanese Matcha cream and homemade adzuki jam. The slight bitterness from the matcha blends perfectly with the sweetness of redbean.

  1. Lychee Bandung Sponge Cake 6"

When it comes to desserts, why pick between cake or drink when you can have both? A fancy experience with our famous local drink, sirap bandung and imported lychee. Moist and fluffy, you will definitely want more!

  1. Gula Melaka Melon Sponge Cake 6"

A cake that you all will ask for more especially during this hot weather. Airy sponge cake sandwiched with homemade melon jam and chewy gula melaka jello. Perfect cake for your afternoon tea, Refreshing~

  1. Passionfruit Honey Walnut Sponge Cake 6”

Our baker used their high quality ingredients such as French whipped cream and premium honey walnut to bake this cake. Meanwhile a thumbs up for the homemade passion fruit jam, well balanced sweet and sour in this cake.


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