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More New Cakes Coming Through - Fresh Fruit Cakes

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

Shout out to all the cake lovers! Eat Cake Today welcomes more new cakes on board! Guess what cakes we invited to our platform this round? FRESH FRUIT CAKES! Now we have more fruit cakes which are less sweet for you to choose. Let’s take a look at these gorgeous newbies!

1. Butterfly Fruit Cake

This is NOT the usual butterfly cake as it is decorated with fruits instead of colourful creams. Flutter your guests' hearts with this adorable butterfly fruit cake. The perfect balance of taste, the chewy fruits on top with the fluffy vanilla chiffon cake certainly can satisfy different types of fruit lovers! Now you can tell your mum you’re eating healthy cause no colourings and even have many fruits on top!

2. Magnificent Mango Cake
Searching for flowers and cake for your girl? Maybe you can save some time and money by getting this mango cake! A glorious mango rose bouquet which not only the mango rose design looks sophisticated and insta-worthy, the spongy cake texture will stop your girl from scolding you for wasting money on buying flowers cause these mango roses cake are too yummy! More love for you since you got the most beautiful cake to let her show off on her social media.

(Feeding your baby boo delicious cake is the best way to love her!)

3. Gentleman Fruity Cake

When you think only guys run out of gift ideas for their loved ones, girls face this problem too. Without any hesitation, this suit design fruit cake is the right one! Majority of the guys are not sweet tooth. Gentleman Fruity Cake is coated with buttercream and topped with some fruits. Worry or nah, the buttercream makes a wonderful combination with the soft, airy chiffon cake that will not make you feel too full or greasy after eating it.

4. Lychee Biscoff Cake

Have you ever thought that Biscoff and Lychee actually match? Light-as-air sponge is topped with generous lychee, strawberry and mango rose in this almost-too-good-to-eat vanilla cake. The fresh slight sweet fruits, light cream coated with biscoff crumbles and soft lovely chiffon cake… Walah! The taste of love and happiness! As it is less sweet, it is suitable for all ages.

5. Mango Cheesecake

Most cheesecakes have a greasy, overwhelming flavour of everything that just doesn't sit well on your taste bud. However this mango cheesecake will give your favourite dessert list an update. The smooth and creamy texture melts in your mouth immediately and makes you want to have more with the chewy fresh mangoes.

What makes these fruit cakes much more wonderful is just a few clicks, then you can get these within the same day. YES! IN JUST 4 HOURS! Delivered from a bakery near me. Wipe off all the salivas and start to explore more on these new fruit cakes through our website: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/fruits-cakes

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