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活力加油站 Living Delight (2018) | 2018年9月24日

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给位蛋糕爱好者有福啦!大马首创电购以及配送网站 Eat Cake Today 让您在忙碌当中利用弹指间订做自己想要的美味蛋糕,即使足不出户也可以在家享用哦!Eat Cake Today 最大的卖点就是可以在4个小时以内提供配送服务,让顾客可以享受当天配购 同日配送哦。活动当天他们邀请来的蛋糕师现场为来宾示范制作蛋糕,其中包括了马卡龙以及蛋糕彩绘。

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Thank you 8TV Living Delight 活力加油站 for featuring us!

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Cake was delicious

Everybody loves the cake

Love it!

Have ordered this several times & loving it each time. Sweet & slightly salted caramel with crunchy cookie bits on top of a fresh & moist cake. Quite addictive.

Gone in a flash

Finished in a jiffy! Colleagues thoroughly enjoyed it

As good as it looks

Very fresh, taste was spot on. Not too sweet

Pleasant surprise

Cake was good. Nicely balanced, not too sour.