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KL Residents Rejoice! The Top Cheesecake Delivery Service Just For You!

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Maybe you’re just vibing at home, watching your favourite dramas and you feel that little push -- a craving for something to munch on. Something melty and cheesy. Maybe even something with a little crisp to it? Cheesecake is what you need! And lucky for you, we have a list of the best cheesecakes just for you, delivered right to your doorstep too! 

Whether you’re looking for something cool and bursting with dairy flavour or a little extra burnt crispiness to your cheesecake (or maybe even something bizarre), we have just the thing for you. We’ve even listed down the TOP 6 Cheesecakes you wouldn’t want to miss! So sit back, relax and let’s go through the list together~ 


  • Sicilian Wild Cats Tiramisu Cheesecake 7"
  • Starting the list off with a fresh whiff of morning espresso~ That’s right! This cheesecake is specially made for the finest coffee connoisseurs out there! The recipe to the enjoyment of this cake is thanks to the fresh, premium ingredients, including a dash of cocoa for the extra chocolatey finish.

    Within the mascarpone cheese and cream body lies an interesting little surprise just waiting for you to discover. Talk about a fun way to enjoy your favourite caffeine-based cheesecake

  • Chocolate Tuxedo Cake 9"
  • Now, this cheesecake is for those who like trendy things that not only look cool but also taste just as good as it looks! This version of the Tornado Chocolate Cheesecake isn’t just viral, it looks prim and proper as well, just like wearing a tuxedo! 

    Who can say no to moist chocolate sponge with cream cheese cookie mousse, topped with dark chocolate couverture glaze and a sprinkle of chocolate cookie crumbs~

  • Maneki Neko Yuzu and Lemon Cheesecake 7"
  • Mandarin orange, lemon, and lime come together as one with the silky cream cheese body of this cheesecake. Your tongue will surely dance with excitement on the first bite! Perfect for cheesecake fans who love their dessert leaning on the tangy side~

    The citrusy freshness in every bite is ensured. This is the special recipe to the acidy-sweet addiction of this cake. We can assure you, one slice is never enough~ 


  • Hojicha Burnt Cheese Cake 9"
  • Have you ever just sat down and thought “what would a pleasant dream taste as if it was real enough to be edible”? We may have the answer to that through the pleasing aura (and taste sensation) of this here burnt cheesecake

    A crispy starts to this cheesecake will quickly be met with a creamy, milky texture of mild fresh cheese and dairy, followed by a smokey, toasty, and caramelized sensation of Hojicha~ 

  • Blueberry Burnt Cheesecake 9"
  • Ever expected to see the day you’d find fruit chunks in your cheesecake for a more refreshing aftertaste to your mild, cheesy flavour adventure? Well, the day has finally arrived! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the fresh surprise within~

    The secret ingredient to this cheesy cake is to keep the blueberries fresh when creating this here burnt cheesecake. Enjoy the burst of sweetness from the blueberry chunks in every bite~

  • Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake 9"
  • Stuck in a weird limbo between craving for chocolate cake and cheesecake? You’ll be pleased to know that you can have both at the same time! Kick those cravings out in an overkill fashion because you’ll soon enjoy both extremes swimming in your mouth in flavour harmony~ 

    Super KAW Bitter Dark Chocolate Couverture paired with a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth, cheese centre, sealed with a beautifully brûléed top will make even non-cheesecake fans jump for joy with the lovely mix of flavours and texture. 

    Vibing is never really complete without something to munch on, especially something that’s been swimming around in your mind for a very long time, sparking your crave. And the good news is; we can deliver whatever cakes you’ve been craving for if you live in KL! Be it a chocolate cake or cheesecake, nothing is too impossible for us! 

    Want to see what other crave-inducing cheesecakes are in store for you? Check out our collection of cheesecakes by clicking here!

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    Real Customer Feedback

    15123 reviews
    Excellent cake and great delivery

    We loved the salted caramel cake.
    And I liked the specific time slots for delivery - it made it easier to plan to have the cake on time

    Nicely & timely delivered

    It was delivered on time and was very nice as well

    Rich with multiple textures and taste

    Ordered this for my son who likes variety. This fits it perfectly as it has multiple textures and taste. You can taste toffee, coffee, biscuit, rich and moist chocolate cake and bananas. Somehow the combos work really great together. The cake is very rich so eat small amounts of it at a time to savour it.

    Mix Box
    The birthday boy loves it!

    Recently bought this Mix Box and delivered to our friend's house for his birthday. The box was well delivered, plus the delivery man was very kind. The Mix Box was a great option for our picky friend, plus the vegan and gluten-free makes it perfect.

    Not too sweet, just nice!

    Cake isnt too sweet or too moist. Just nice. Only downside was the biscofff cookies were a little soggy. Otherwise, would recommend this!!