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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Men's Birthday Cake Delivery

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Calling All Cancer and Leo! Let's light those birthday candles for any Cancer or Leo man and make their birthday celebration more memorable. Have the best men’s birthday cake delivery in the house this year with Eat Cake Today. Eat Cake Today provides men’s birthday cake delivery to your doorstep with various types of cake selection for you to choose. Jom read and see what we have for you!

C stands for Cake! Grab one Triple C-s Cake 7” which gathers three popular flavours: Caramel, Coffee and Chocolate in one cake. Thinking this is the weirdest combination ever? You’re wrong. These three flavours will take you to the taste of heaven with soft, fluffy chocolate cake layered with dark chocolate ganache, caramel cream and coffee chantilly cream.

Sometimes he just needs the zen energy in life with this Kyūsu Cake 7" as a men's birthday cake delivery. It has a unique umami taste from matcha, sweetness from white chocolate and red bean, a classic bitter sweet combination.

The orange zest adds a touch of refreshing taste on your taste buds. Best if he loves tea especially green tea and matcha!

Take a bite of Italy by having this Ferrero Roche Cake in the house! This Ferrero Rocher Cake is your favourite chocolate hazelnut treat in cake form! Chocolate hazelnut cake layers with Nutella buttercream, it tastes absolutely rich, moist and delicious. Order this for any birthday man or birthday boy you know as their surprise birthday cake delivery!

Any alcohol cake lover here? Treat any alcohol cake lover’s taste bud with Brandy Yougurt Cake with Berry compote.

Victoria sponge glaze with Brandy syrup, layering by yogurt mousse and berry compote. Sour and alcohol combination won't have a sweet and strong alcohol taste.

Doesn't a combination of matcha and black sesame sound like a must try? Let’s give a round of applause to this power flavour couple by getting your man Matcha Black Sesame Cake as his birthday cake.  A moist and fluffy matcha sponge cake with rich black sesame cream cheese and matcha ganache. Definitely a surprise to your taste bud!

Let’s come across the burnt cheesecake trend. Plain Burnt Cheesecake 9” is definitely one of the best choices for men’s birthday cake delivery. With its dark and crusty top, the Burnt Cheesecake is baked intentionally at high temperature, unlike the traditional cheesecake with cookie crust. It is more creamy and lighter compared to the traditional cheesecakes

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