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EAT CAKE TODAY 蛋糕展 展示蛋糕流行趋势

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大马首创网上蛋糕订购网站Eat Cake Today(ECT),在9月份举行了[2019蛋糕展],主要让民众一睹各式各样令人惊叹的创作,其中包括各款蛋糕、烘培艺术、巧克力艺术及糖艺等,还能了解目前最火红的蛋糕款式,以及明年的蛋糕流行趋势。配合此项活动,3位年轻的糕点师,包括张镐维,张韵博以及陈美玲,也为观众示范和展示精淇的世界级巧克力艺术和糖艺;同时为展览制作极富典雅韵味的复古桌子和家具用品造型巧克力。另外,3人也会参与研发一系列优质的蛋糕。这些蛋糕只能在ECT以C3 Lab品牌独家订购。蛋糕网店链接:http://bit/ly/eatcaketoday。


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Nice, nice baby!

The taste is unbelievably good. As someone who always love chocolate-based cake, I once thought that I will never ever like other flavor but who am i kidding? This butterscotch is THAT good!

Delicious 😋

They sent in the cake on time and the burnt cheese cake is superb. Will buy it again. Thank you

Awesome birthday cake for my son

My son love its so much. He kept coming back to it.

Good Service

Good taste, good service.

Tiramisu dreaming

My friend's father had a birthday this week and the best thing to cheer him up during this MCO was to make sure he felt special on his big day! The cake was delivered on time and presented perfectly. We'll done to the team. Would not hesitate to recommend you for other special occasions!