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Birthday Cake Delivery KL for Different Types of Husbands

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Husband is the family member you choose by yourself and he surely deserves a birthday cake that he likes! Wondering which birthday cake to buy for your husband? Continue reading this since we have a list of unique birthday cakes that are perfectly baked for different types of husbands!

Gentleman Fruity Cake

A birthday cake designated to the successful man at your home. Layers of chocolate sponge cake, blueberry filling and vanilla panna cotta whereas some fresh fruit topped like a tuxedo suit design. Slight bitterness from the moist dark chocolate cake base balances well with the homemade blueberry filling’s tanginess. 

Kyūsu Cake 7"

Perfect for an evening birthday celebration when your tea lover hubby can enjoy a slice of zen. Crafted by international award-winning pastry chefs, the detailed cake with edible chocolate teapot needs to be appreciated. Orange zest adds refreshing taste with smooth matcha ganache with a little crunchiness from the rocher glaze base giving a unique combination of texture. 

Alcoholic Cream Puff Tower

Cheers with this tower of freshly baked bailey, whiskey cream puffs to your lover who loves to drink. This would be the most perfect birthday surprise ever if he aint cake lover. Crispy cream puffs burst in your mouth, the sweetness from the cream wonderfully matches with the slight bitterness of the alcohol.

Chicken Rendang Indulgence’s Nasi Kunyit Cake 8”

Solve your headache by ordering this savoury cake as your non sweet-tooth husband’s birthday cake. this unique cake as the centre piece sparked delightful chatter at the dinner table. Chicken rendang is moist and the sambal has just the right tinge of spiciness. Most importantly, it is freshly made upon orders to ensure the best experience for every customer.

Balloon Bouquet

Need another way to show your affection and love? How about a customizable hi-float helium balloon bouquet? Sometimes it’s hard to say things out loud, let this balloon bouquet do the talking for you. You can decorate the place with balloons and customize your message on the balloons. Special gift for your husband who is a shy person.

Hey! This is not the end of the list of birthday cakes for husbands. You can check out our cakes for him collection and place orders through our website at: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/cake-delivery-for-him-kl-malaysia

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