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Best Online Opera Cake Delivery Malaysia

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Have you ever thought of how this Opera Cake or L’Opera Cake was named? Not important! You just have this thought in mind that the best opera cake delivery is Eat Cake Today. Eat Cake Today has a few premium opera cakes that brilliantly fit your birthday cake delivery. Without thinking twice, continue reading and see what opera cake delivery Eat Cake Today offers.

A true coffee lover will never hide their love towards any desserts that have the aromatic coffee flavour, specially this L’Opera Cake 6”. Almond biscuit laced with coffee essence, chocolate ganache and french buttercream. Unlike the soft and creamy tiramisu cake, it is more moist and chocolatey. With the elegant finishing on top, it makes the opera birthday cake delivery more ‘atas’!


Hop on the taste-train as with every bite of this L’Opera Cake, you'll be experiencing a new texture and notes. Made with almond sponge cake that's soaked in coffee syrup and layered with coffee buttercream and ganache. This L'Opera Cake is bound to bring a taste of European class to the table! Goes well with your cup of coffee or tea, get it as your birthday cake delivery!


The taste of Opera Petit Gateau will tantalise your taste buds the moment you sink your teeth into it. The soft and moist texture with the flavours well blended, not too sweet and had a subtle hint of coffee taste coming through. It’s true! It would be a shame to not give it a try! You just need an opera petit cake delivery to get yourself a small break from all the hardships.

Not everyone loves opera cake so do check these Blissful High Tea out! Not only do they have rich and heavenly taste of the chocolate and combination of coffee Opera Cake as an option, they also offer a selection of puff pastry filled with creamy smoked duck filling, delicate finger Tuna sandwiches, miniature mixed berries profiteroles. With so many choices of desserts, it's time to treat yourself to a luxurious high tea!

Opera Cake is definitely every coffee and chocolate cake lover’s dream. Craving for Opera Cake? Order your opera cake delivery now from Eat Cake Today. Check out for more opera cake collection and get it as your birthday cake delivery now through this link:

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Beautiful , exquisite and delightful

Lovely , tall cake , level of detail and skill in the icing design was amazing, and it was delicious buttercream , while cake was not oily . Overall, am satisfied because family was happy


I love it! The taste is great and better than my expectation.

Caramel Drizzle SIZZLES

Moist and rich. U can feel the chocolaty n caramel intermingling. It just melt in your mouth

Lemon Poppyseed Cake is the best

This is so far the best Lemon Poppyseed Cake Ive ever eaten.

Lemon Earl Grey Cake is Zestful

Certainly this is the cake for me as i love cakes with more flour n flavour rather than too much cream. The balance between the lemon/ tea flavour cake n creamy topping goes well adding up the zest.