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Little Collins Cakery and Cafe

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When you first take the time to notice this hidden establishment under its signature yellow awning, it’s a welcoming surprise that will bring you back for more. The ambiance shifts from the chaos of traffic to a delicious calm as you step into this unassuming slice of the Solaris Mont Kiara neighborhood called Little Collins. A family owned business that plays host to simple, comfort food with less of the frou frou, and more of the warmth, Little Collins began as a florist, and flourished towards a deeper passion. Today, it’s a well-known, full-fledged cakery and café that offers home-cooked meals and specialty cakes made fresh for the picking. 

As you peruse the festive array of sliced and full cakes on display, you are charmed into the aroma of eggs and toasts wafting from the bustle of the kitchen. Little Collins keeps the café menu simple, with all-day breakfast dishes and the occassional pasta or two. A popular favorite is the Cheddar Chicken, a breaded serving of chicken thigh topped with tomato-based sauce, accompanied by a side of homemade apple coleslaw and shoestring fries. And then there’s the simple pleasure of enjoying a portion of Little Collins’ Spicy Seafood Olio Pasta, done just right with al-dente spaghetti and a generous hint of spice and seafood.

Still, it’s the cakes at Little Collins that’ve brought this small business big fame. Butter cakes laden with whimsical touches and sweet chocolate ganache below a light fondant layer, the delicate details that surround Little Collins’ customized novelty cakes make for very pretty pictures. Customers can opt for a buttercream filling if preferred, and choices between various flavors of butter cake, chocolate mud cake, red velvet cake, and carrot cake are available. Their cream cakes are widely popular, especially the Baileys infused chocolate sponge cake, and the Chocolate Avenue, oozing with smooth chocolate mousse and covered in chocolate ganache.

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