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Magnum Chocolate Cake

Sponge Cakes

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Layers of chocolate sponge cake and dark chocolate mousse, fully enrobed in rich dark chocolate with crunchy almond nibs. Garnished with accents of white chocolate, pretzels, dried lemon slices, almonds, fresh blueberries, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and Lotus Biscoff biscuits. This decadent celebratory cake promises to impress everyone with its stunning appearance and exquisite taste!. Order now and enjoy this cake today from online cake delivery JB!

Vegan option available for 2 days pre-order 

Cake Details

🍰 6 - 8 / 8 - 10 slices         🎂 6 / 8 inch x 3.5 inch 

⚖  0.5 kg / 1 kg                     🕑 Same Day Delivery in 4 Hours

Ingredients + -
Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Permitted Food Conditioner, Starch, Milk Powder, Salt, Permitted Colouring, Soy, Baking Soda, Cocoa Powder, Dairy Whipping Cream, Non-dairy Whipping Cream, Dark Chocolate, Gelatine, White Chocolate, Pretzels, Lotus Biscoff Biscuit, Dried Lemon, Blueberry 
Allergens + -
Wheat, Egg, Dairy, Soy, Nuts
Items provided with your order + -
✓ Candles        
✓ Knife             ✓ Handwritten message on card
Cake Care Instructions + -
Please keep the cake refrigerated (0-4 °C) after collection and allow the cake to sit at least 3-5 minutes before serving. The cake can be refrigerated for maximum 2 days however it’s advisable to consume within the day of purchase.

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