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2-Tier Fondant Cake (Customized)

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  • RM270.00

Is your baby girl's birthday coming up? Need a cake to celebrate that special day? Does she love pink and purple? Then this is the cake to get! A Belgium chocolate cake on the bottom and a Mango Mousseline cake on top, this two-tier cake is blanketed in pink and purple fondant and decorated with pretty, small flowers, an incredibly girly combination for your little princess! What's more, customise it with her name and the number of the age she is turning! Get this custom and unique two-tier fondant cake and make your little princess' day incredibly special! 

PS: Prices are indicative only and will depend on the specific customisation. If you would like to order this cake, please fill in the contact form. 

Cake Details

🎂 3" top (pink) x 6" bottom (purple)    🕑 4-7 days

📝 Custom words on cake  


✓ Top Tier: Mango Mousseline 

✓ Bottom Tier: Belgium Chocolate 

Items provided with your order

 Candles      ✓ Handwritten message on card



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Wasn't expecting it

I love the cake. Moist and not too sweet. But I wish I know to put it out before serving it. I put the cake in the fridge before serving, so remember to take it out about 30 mins (i think), else the cake will be a bit hard to cut


Good services .The delivery man will reconfirm again by phone whether is delivery to correct location

Awesome cake

Choc Caramel is my family favorite. My husband n kid love it. Can finish the cake within 2 days for just the 3 of us.

D24 Durian Mille Crepe 8"

Size shrunken

I bought this cake last year and I remember it to be bigger and taller. The black bday deco paled the beauty of the cake. It should be gold like in the picture. Taste wise is OK. For Rm185, I guess I expected more.