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2-Tier Cake with Little Birds Design (Customized)

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  • RM360.00

Is your baby girl's birthday coming up? Need a cake to celebrate that special day?  Then this is the cake to get! A Belgium chocolate cake on the bottom and a Strawberry cake on top, this two-tier cake is blanketed in pink and blue fondant and decorated with cute roses, frills, a bow and with two cute, little birds on top - an incredibly girly combination for your little princess! What's more, customise it with her name! Get this custom and unique two-tier fondant cake and make your little princess' day incredibly special! 

PS: Prices are indicative only and will depend on the specific customisation. If you would like to order this cake, please fill in the contact form. 

Cake Details

🎂 5" top (blue) x 8" bottom (pink)    🕑 4-7 days

📝 Custom words on cake  


✓ Top Tier: Strawberry 

✓ Bottom Tier: Belgium Chocolate 

Items provided with your order

 Candles      ✓ Handwritten message on card


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4227 reviews
Excellent taste!

This eggless brownie was good. Most importantly it wasn't too sweet. Everyone enjoyed it.

Aqil birthday cake

My kid love this. Thank you.

Rainbow Ruffle Cake

Amazing service

Not only did the cake arrive before time, I wasn't in the office so they delivered it to my location (which was 10 mins away) without additional charges or any fuss made. Super yummy cake too! Completely satisfied with the amazing service.

Light and Easy

My friend and i got this cake because we didn't want the hassle of cutting up a cake and distributing it evenly. The cake was light and delicious. Was expecting it to be really sweet but it was just right.