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Butter Grail

Butter Grail, found in 2019, a buttercream specialist on creating the most scrumptious desserts using only the finest ingredients. Butter Grail custom makes buttercream cake and cupcake that are provided with the customer’s preferences of flavours, design etc. Butter Grail is here with Eat Cake Today with their best-selling cakes. Now you can have cake delivery to your house by ordering with us!

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Double Layer Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake

Delicious but too sweet

The cake super delicious
my gf loved it but anyway its quite expensive for the size of the cake and also it was too sweet


cake had somehow toppled over in d box and it was a mess when v opened it..slight disappointment there..Mayb coz it was a layer cake??or d box too big??dunno! But the cake was super yummy cake..If it wasn’t for d small glitch,everything else went great 😊😊😊


The cake is a bit dry for our tasting.
Overall the cake is Nice, not too sweet, and orange pulp in the cake is refreshing.
The birthday boy love it!