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Need to rush a cake for your party? We got you covered!

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Do you feel those chills running down your spine? Ooooooh it’s a spooky feeling, alright. But don’t worry, your house isn’t haunted. Maybe. It’s just the haunting zap of Halloween excitement! We know you can’t wait to invite those eager trick-or-treaters in for a Halloween party~ But there’s one problem -- you need to rush a cake because you forgot all about it! 

Don’t worry about going out and getting someone to rush a cake for your spooky party. We’ll make sure your cake is finished within 4 hours and delivered safely to your haunting shindig! Be it a chocolate cake, cheesecake, or brownies, we have them all! Let the spooky scary skeletons give you a backrub and chillax~ Here’s our top picks if you need to rush a cake to your party! 


  • Chocolate French Box
  • What’s the best way to serve your guests at a Halloween party? By scaring them! In a pleasant way, of course. From the outside, this chocolate cake looks exactly like a box of chocolates -- the very thing the trick-or-treaters are looking for. 

    Relish the shocked and confused glances when you cut into Cake Sense’s soft body of chocolate sponge cake, layered in chocolate chantilly cream. 

  • Death By Chocolate Cake
  • Ever wondered what’s so scary about horror movies? It’s probably the fact that the spooky apparition relentlessly tries to get you! Now, all you need to do is rush for this chocolate cake instead of the exit! 

    Every inch of Ennoble’s chocolate cake is jam-packed with intense chocolatey goodness. Let the addictively sinful and moist body be the death of your worries~ 


  • Burnt Cheesecake
  • Maybe your party has more of a magma theme to it. This burnt cheesecake will fit right in~ The only thing hotter than the oven it is baked in is its presentation! It’s not overbearing, but also not too empty. Its cracky crusts open up just nicely to make it look like cool magma. 

    Instead of a hot pool of lava flowing out, you get a soft, melt-in-your-mouth flow of cheese rushing into your mouth from the cake (or cheesecake, in this case)~ 

  • Fickle Feline Assorted Cheesecakes
  • Or would you like something more lighthearted? Something for your kitty-themed bash? Then the colourful serving of these assorted cheesecakes would be the best choice~ The colours of these cheesecakes are so soft -- and there’s even an Orea-flavoured one! 

    If you really can’t choose what kind of cheesecake you would like for your party, this assortment gives you 10 pieces unique flavours, suiting just about anyone’s palate~ 


  • Stacked Brownies
  • Is that Dracula’s Castle there in the distance? It looks so tall and ominous! Oh, never mind, it’s just this really tall mountain of brownies, stacked on top of each other. Brownies to loom over all your party snacks like the haunting silhouette of Dracula’s Castle~ 

    Layer after layer of brownies, with a beckoning drizzle of rich chocolate, with a generous serving of freshly picked strawberries and blueberries on top~ 

  • Vegan Chocolate Orange Brownie 7"
  • A party isn’t really a party if people get left behind, especially the vegans. You don’t have to be haunted by those thoughts anymore, thanks to these vegan-friendly brownies~ It may be 0% scary, but it’s 100% wholesome so everyone can have a good time~ 

    No animal products, no fuss, only brownies with chocolate orange ganache and a sprinkle of orange zest with fresh mandarin orange slices on top~ 

    At the end of the day, parties are meant to be enjoyed, especially themed ones like Halloween parties~ So you don’t have to worry about anything cake-related. Just sit down, get the place looking scary, and we’ll rush the cake to your place as soon as possible! 

    These choices aren’t spooky enough for you? Don’t worry! We have plenty of cakes for you to choose from if you click here. 

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