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8TV Living Delight 活力加油站:年度蛋糕展让你刮目相看

Thanks to 8TV Living Delight 活力加油站 for featuring Eat Cake Today.

Eat Cake Today aims to make it easier for cake lovers to enjoy their favourite dessert whenever and wherever they like. Play the video to find out more about Eat Cake Today.


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Hello, the receiver liked it so much. The whole family liked it. It taste so good it seems. The look of the brownies with toppers was something different and it looks great. Thanks for making Mother's Day more special. Hope to see more like this. Have a nice day 😊

Very chocolatey

Not so much of biscuits inside the cake and too soft but still ok for me

The Emperor's Romance Lychee Cheesecake 7"

Overall,the cake was nice.It would be better if the decoration done it nicely