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Viennoiserie Pastry Set

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Every party needs a delightful pastries set. Why not get your pastries set from Eat Cake Today? Comes in a box with six pieces of pastries with one kaya jam and one mixed berries jam. It is freshly made with no preservative and made with high quality ingredients. This pastries set will be the perfect surprise for pastry lovers. A pastries set that suits for any occasion and picnics.

Set of 4 pieces consists of:

  1. 1 piece of Croissant
  2. 1 piece of Fruit Danish
  3. 1 piece of Pain au raisin
  4. 1 piece of Pain au chocolat
  5. 1 container of Pandan Kaya
  6. 1 container of Mixed Berries jam

    Set of 6 pieces consists of:

    1. 2 pieces of Croissant
    2. 1 piece of Fruit Danish
    3. 1 piece of Apple Chausson
    4. 1 piece of Pain au raisin
    5. 1 piece of Pain au chocolat
    6. 1 container of Pandan Kaya
    7. 1 container of Mixed Berries jam

    Pastry Set Details
    🍰 4/6 pieces          🎂 3.5 cm+/- (each)

    ⚖ 50g+/- (each)      🕑 2 days pre-order

    Ingredients + -
    Flour, cream, eggs, mixed fruits, pandan kaya, apple, raisin, chocolate
    Allergens + -
    Wheat, dairy, eggs
    Items provided with your order + -
    ✓ Handwritten message on card
    Note + -
    All the pastries are made freshly on the delivery date itself. Please keep the Pastry Set at room temperature. It is advisable to consume within the day of receipt to enjoy its freshness and best texture.

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    Real Customer Feedback

    15069 reviews

    Got the cake at the 11th hour, for my aunt's birthday, in Penang. The cake was beautiful, yummy, not so sweet, noticeably loved, enjoyed by the youngs and not so young ones😉 who dont fancy cakes all this while. Delivery was excellent.

    Love it

    Great cake !! It was good

    Fast delivery, cake still moist for 4 days

    Driver deliver the cake within 2 hours! Superb! The cake was nice and delicious with sweet, salted and crunchy taste. The cake still moist thought in my fridge for 4 days. the cookies pieces is not so sandy so it was crunchy. the cake is so padat that I can only eat a slice at a time.

    Couldn't be happier

    This cake was actually the second option that I went for when the first option wasn't available. However, it is the best tasting cake that my family and I could ask for! The cake itself is not too sweet, and the almond crumble tasted really good. 10/10

    Lovely and refreshing!

    never expect strawberry cake can be this light and refreshing. It’s not heavy and oily at all. Just nice in sweet level and all of us enjoy the cake a lot. I can get 2 pieces in one shot. haha