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Café quality cake selections on the website are categorized by minimum processing time requirements, such as 4 hours, great for last minute parties or urgent occasions where you need a gourmet cake to impress!

You can always order upfront from any of the lists, and have it delivered on the same day or arranged for future delivery dates, as long as it's within the minimum processing time!

Please note that our cut off time for 4 hours delivery is 2pm. So make sure you are managed to place your order by then! 

Otherwise, contact us right away and we are more than happy to assist you! 

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2048 reviews
Very Very Sweet

Omg! Too Sweet! quite disappointed!

Carrot lover

Healthy and yummy in a piece!


The cake design looks okay too bad the taste was so terrible.

Cheesy Mix Assorted Cheesecake

It tasted amazing! My mom loved it for her birthday!

Delivery on time, Cake in good condition

Cake is good, not too sweet. Ordered only one day before, and it’s hassle free. Would definitely order again for the convenience and quality of cake.