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Order Fresh Cheese Tart Online

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

The cheesy tart hype is real! Cheese tarts are a must have sweet treats as it saves us a lot of hassle. Easy to share, easy to consume and easy to serve. Check out what cheese tarts you can order from Eat Cake Today and get it delivered to your doorstep fresh out of the oven.

Make your cheese tart makan fest more fun with these 48 pieces of Mini Tarts. It comes in cute mini sizes with assorted flavours: Chocolate, Blueberry Cheese & Fruits which can satisfy everyone’s different taste. Order fresh cheese tart online while we do the delivery to your doorstep. Rich and creamy tarts, highly recommended as light after meal dessert with your family and friends.

Another mini tart set you should try — 30 pieces of Assorted Mini Tarts. These mini tarts are signature flavours that you must never miss out on: Lemon Meringue, Chocolate and Cheese. Each tart crust is baked to perfection with delicious filling in the centre, pop it in and get the maximum taste out of each baby. Order these fresh cheese tart online delivered from an online bakery/cake shop near me!

If you love chocolate tartlet and cheese tartlets, then this set of 30 pieces of Choco & Cheese Tartlet is made for you! Good things are meant to be shared, especially desserts. What makes these cheese tarts more nice is these cheese tarts are freshly baked and can be delivered to you within 4 Hours so you have no worries on last minute cheese tart craving.


During MCO, do stay home and stay safe. Want fresh cheese tarts? Order fresh cheese tart online from Eat Cake Today now and we deliver crunchy cheese tarts to you. You can even send it to any tart lovers or order in future for your corporate events/gathering. For more cheese tart details, check this link out: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/search?type=product&q=cheese+tart

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