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Marble Cake Recipe Delivery You Must Try in KL/PJ

Posted by Eat Cake Today on

When it comes to marble cake, people will think of moist and fluffy marble cake you can get from pasar pagi. Marble cake is always the perfect high tea snack or breakfast, like these lists of marble cakes available from Eat Cake Today. Let’s see what are the best marble cake recipes available for delivery.

Marble Cheesecake 9”


Any chocolate cheesecake lover? This is your new love, even if you're not a chocolate lover. Ritz cracker base vanilla cheesecake with creamy swirls of chocolate. Smooth, creamy and melt-in-mouth texture, every mouthful of it will make you fall even deeper with this marble cheesecake.

Pink Rosette Cake


Designer cakes with marble cake bases are the best, just like this Pink Rosette Cake. Pretty from the outside with all the hand piped flower buttercreams coated the cake and tasty beauty when you slice. This will be the perfect birthday cake to send to any girl you know (perhaps your ‘girl’ friend too~). Having flowers and cake in one, PERFECTO!

Whale Cake 6”


If your child loves aquatic animals a lot, do consider bringing this cute lil blue whale home this coming birthday celebration. You can choose your favorite cake flavors: Butter cake, Red Velvet, Marble Cake or Chocolate Fudge as your cake base and coated with Swiss Meringue buttercream. Moist and creamy birthday cake, you can’t stop eating it!

Slothing Beauty Cake 4”


One of the iconic characters in Zootopia other than Judy and Nick is Flash the Sloth! If you have a friend who loves to mimic Flash or has a personality similar to Flash, send this to them as their happy birthday cake. Colourful buttercream piping with 4 signature moist and delicious cake bases for you to choose including marble cake flavour. Definitely pretty inside out!

Marble Cake is another beauty that deserves the love from everyone and you can even get designer cakes with marble cake base now! Discover more marble cakes collection and order your marble cake today: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/collections/marble-cakes

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